request: minecraft aether mod

Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by shadydeath999, Jul 24, 2011.

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    It would be awesome if the Aether could be ported to Bukkit. I dunno if ItemCraft could quite manage it, though; it's a rather big (but incredible) mod. :p
    From my experiences with Mo' Creatures on ItemCraft, however, I wonder if the Moas and Flying Pigs would be able to be ridden properly in MP...
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    well i am not sure if itemcraft could handle it since aether also has his own chunk generation and the way to set up item craft is a bit confusing
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    Tell me about it. :p Well, maybe somebody with experience will tackle it.
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    I am so ready for Bukkit to port Aether in ! That'd be wonderful.
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    Duuude, if that actually works, I will be completely and thoroughly addicted to Minecraft. :D
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    Leon Philips

    Yes ,me too! look what I wrote lately :rolleyes::

    He is the creator of mod's support in bukkit!
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    i don't know how to quote people but when kingme said "this dude is on it man" that wasn't actually the aether

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