[Request]Limiting players time on the surface?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by Grefuntor, May 6, 2011.

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    Hey everyone, is there a mod which lets me stop players from going on the surface of the world so they must remain underground?

    If not i would like to request a simple plugin which monitors their time up and after # seconds have passed damage them.

    A little summary of the request:
    • When the player is in the open world a timer ticks away,
    • At regular intervals (e.g 5 seconds) the player gets a message like "25 seconds of air time left"
    • Once the timer reaches 0 then the player starts to take damage.

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    Oh, you server is post-apocalypse?
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    Yup :)
    (its a little 2 person one, given my crippling slow internet).
    I recently played the game Metro 2033. Beat it twice, and now i am halfway through the book and really enjoying it.

    I've wanted something to keep us underground, in our little metro we keep wanting to build.
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    Sorry, but bump-
    anyone willing to make/ tell me where to find this?
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    Nice idea, not that i would use it. but i think its not to hard to make at all. maybe.
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    There's a vampires plugin that does something similar. You could look at how it works.
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    The plugin realisation is very easy but I don't understand algorithm to get info whether player is on surface or under ground... Heh. If someone helped me with algorithm, I could create this plugin.
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    The vampire plugin checks to see what light level the player is in, you could check to see if there are any blocks above the player.
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    well you could comapre the block that the player is standing with
    world.getHighestBlockYAt(x, z);
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    matter123, oh, that's cool idea!
    Maybe I will try soon.

    But a problem: player can create one-block roof and...
    Fail :(

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    That's ok, it doesn't matter, its close enough :)
    Edit: that might keep people hiding under shelter, avoiding sky/sun, which would be a very interesting dynamic! Every second getting from one cover to another they take damage meaning they need to plan a path to work with the food they have.

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    I will do this tomorrow, maybe. :D
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    Thank you so much!
    It is really appreciated!
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    I'm working on your plugin. :)
    You will see download link and some info when finished. :)

    Edit: this was for Grefuntor only, I thought it is PM. :D
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    Cool, i'll keep an eye on the link :)
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    Are you going to submit this plugin when you are done?
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    I think no. It is exclusive for Grefuntor. :D
    If you want, send me a PM.
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