[Request] Light-Saber Activation

Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by unrivaledneo, Feb 8, 2011.

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    Was talking about this on my server how cool it be to activate/reactive your weapons and though of this idea.

    Making a command /ls a -activates Light saber or /ls d -deactivates how this would work is it would change out the lightsaber with a item ID for example we will use a stick. So when you /ls a it will replace the stick with what weapon u had and /ls d would store the weapon and replace it with a stick (configurable please) would think this could be done server side correct?

    Another request would there be a way to give them a glow? or even animated then some how? Particles?

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    Changing the appearance of models requires more than a plugin.
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    its not changing it switching, like how bigbrother switches out the item the player is holding to a stick, same concept
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    I was refering to,
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    Oh my bad :p but thats sucks then.. not a fan of client mods then everyone playing needs them, thanks for the info
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    You might still be able to create a light source at the player, or just change the light level of blocks near them / the weapon.
    No particles or animations though.

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