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    Haven't seen a plugin that clones the leveling system like WOW except for mcMMO but that only focuses on skills.
    * Possibly this can be an plugin extension for mcMMO.

    Players as they level, gain stats and the ability to use higher level (better gear).

    So the idea is as players kill mobs/monsters, mine, farm, (a factor to gain experience), etc they gain experience and each lvl will gain stats to their max HP, health regen, attack speed, move speed, +amour, amour penetration, etc.
    Amour, weapons and tools can only be used at certain levels.
    EG. wooden tools/weapons are accessible from lvl 0, stone tools/weapons and leather armour from lvl 20 on wards, iron tools/weapons and iron armour from lvl 50 onwards, then comes diamond, then enchants. You get the idea.

    Either it is fixed increased stats, assignable stats or maybe a combination.
    *This could lead to class creation like tanking/dps/healing if another plugin adds abilities but that is another plugin request if someone wills it.

    Pretty much do a clone of WOW leveling/stats and item use.
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    Have you tried Heroes?
    It's a lot more complex to set up than Mcmmo but allows for huge flexibility and complexity
    You can make all your own classes and give them some of dozens of already made skills
    you get
    HP gains on levels
    Mana (if the class uses it)
    Spells/Abilities with cooldowns/cast times/reagentcosts/mana costs
    Stuns / Silences / Blinds / Slows / Immobilize. (all your favourite staple debuffs and attacks)
    lots of other sick things like class and specialization trees

    You can take it one giant leap further with "Heroes Skill Trees" which allows players to choose what skills they level up on their class.

    I haven't seen any other plugin come close to this one (especially in similarity to Wow and other mmo mechanics)

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