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    All I want is a custom HUD, a bit like this http://dev.bukkit.org/server-mods/mcmmo-leveling-gui/ but with a different position and with my own custom stuff in it.

    I know they say not to say PM me for info but.. PM me if interested.
    The person that does this for me will receive benefits ;)
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    You can't just say "Custom Gui"

    There are thousands of things you might want, be more specific.
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    Basically I'll want it to do some basic things, for example, get a permissions group they are in, get the town they are in from towny, get their balance from essentials, their name, perhaps even a health bar if it's possible? Who-ever does this for me will receive many benefits.
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    If this is possible (not saying it isn't, but what do I know?) it would be so awesome. I would absolutely like to take part in whoever develops the plugin's developing and when the plugin is done, use it.

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    When Bukkit makes an API for this, I may do it :)
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    It is possible.. check out the plugin which I linked in the original post.
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    If it's possible, somebody should absolutely make this plugin because it will probably attract a lot of people. The awesomeness in this is pure, and I wouldn't doubt before downloading it! :)

    Please do, it would be amazing!

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    I was looking into doing something like that to show the player his current balance, except via Vault (to support multiple economy plugins). However it would have to manually update every x seconds to check if the balance is still the same which is pretty expensive in terms of performance and will look weird if you set it to every 10 seconds and the player pays something and it doesn't change for 10 seconds. :/
  9. The plugin you linked uses the new feature in Minecraft.
    It's not possible to create a custom HUD unless you'll be modifying the client,
    that means it will be a mod, not a plugin.
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    Hey there! Me and gomeow are working on a plugin just like this but with more features! We'll let ya' know when we've finished :p
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    Tell me how it goes and/or send me a link when done/almost done :)
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  12. Would you mind telling me how you would get a custom interface without altering the client?
    I was unaware that this was possible :)
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    It would still use the Scoreboard interface but as scoreboard calculation is done server-side it would just require some fiddling around with packets!

    We already have a working version of this with block breaks/places :)

  14. Oh, I see, I thought you found a way to get a custom interface.
    Good job on that though! :D
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    Yeah if someone actually manages this please let me know as I would probably reward you with quite a lot for doing it for me. Notice how I'm trying not to use the word pay haha.
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