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    i will thank anyone that make me a plugin that prevents players from putting a certain item with a custom name in any inventory type (chest,Enderchest,etc) .
    it will be good that plugin make a config file to add items and name to prevent :
    (the first part shows the item id and the second part shows the name with color)
    anything similar to this also will be appreciated.:)

    ideas for command : example : /itempreventer add 347 &4Menu (perm)

    for permissions: itempreventer.menu for 347:&4Menu:ip.menu
  2. I will do it

    So what types of inventory should the items be blacklisted in?
    I have added chest and enderchest, any more types of inventorys?

    What do you mean with the name?
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    i mean :
    the player has a clock named Menu [Menu is colored red] and i don't want them to move this into their chests .
    its very simple
    and thank u so much for making this plugin
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    alexander9907 jd1378 No need to do this essentials has a blacklist which prevents items from being placed
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    can u show me the Tut for this on essentials wiki ? or somewhere else ? because i didn't find it.
    Note : i want to prevent items being placed in chests , not preventing from drop .
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    jd1378 Oh, then essentials cant do that, sorry.
  7. How do you name the clock(What plugin?)?
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    You can get the itemMeta and then the displayName
  9. Right, forgot that :)
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    happy to see u working on it .:rolleyes:
    i hope it help others too. :)

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