[REQUEST] Is this possible? Run commands based on events

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by Daxiongmao87, Jul 27, 2011.

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    I was wondering if it were possible to have an event have a player run a command automatically? Perhaps with OP privileges to bypass players own privileges? This would allow passive compatibility with almost any plugin These are examples of what i think would be nice with this feature:

    (if you have Kitplugin installed)
    Event: Player Dies
    command: /kit Starterkit (the player will always have a wooden sword for example)

    (if you have towny)
    Event: Player kills other Player
    command: /town leave (allow PVP but it kicks players out of the town, better for admins who don't like restrictions, but consequences instead)

    Other Ideas:
    Event: Player kills 100 pigs
    Command /groupset Player Pigslayer (this group could give him the title "the Pigslayer")

    Just some ideas I'd like to see
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    Of course that is possible with a plugin.
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    I've yet to see this plugin anywhere, if therei s one out there could I be pointed to it? And I apologize for the post :) If there is yet a plugin like this available, i can see a lot of possibilities with it
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