[REQUEST] IngameRadio?

Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by Rallerbabz, Jan 18, 2011.

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    The title says everything..

    If someone could make a radio with following:
    • The server have a musiclist(maybe a folder with all the songs)
    • The plugin picks random numbers from the folder and plays them ingame
    • Players can type /radio to turn it on/off
    Is it hard to make and does it require much ram/cpu/internet power? - If its easy maybe a vote for next song would be nice - Just for the ones who listen :)
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    I think this is not possible with Bukkit alone. The client has to download the songs in order to play it and this needs a client modification.
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    Lycake is correct, this requires a client modification to play through the client. What may work better is setting up a shoutcast-type server and creating a plugin that allows players to control it in game.
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    Not quite, that shows what current users are listening to. It does not control a streaming server.
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    Really? So i've been trying to set this up for about two hours to learn that it doesn't do what I thought it did?
    Fail on my part (or maybe the developer didn't make that clear enough). Whatever.
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    Impossible, if you think about how the .jar behaves. The closest thing you can come to a radio stream is if you set up note blocks for songs and then auto-play them, which will take around 10 billion years to set up and requires a large physical area.
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    And so big that you won't hear the note blocks at the other side of the area. But the idea is very funny :D

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