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Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by George, Jan 13, 2011.

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    I would like to see a plugin that allows you to create a dispenser than contains infinite items.
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    As would I. I'm still looking into inventory manipulation, but I'm sure this nut will be cracked soon enough.

    And by dispenser, you mean the new Dispenser block in the recent update, correct? Not just a infinite chest?
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    This would be a great alternative to the hMod item kits.
    Just add some to your spawn location so you can provide some basic tools to new users.

    The only thing the dispenser has to do is replenish the item that is taken out, so you can make infinite random dispensers as well. If it is accessible to anyone this would just be abused as an item duplicator, so it has to have permissions and such to put items in.

    The only difficulty would be to distinguish between an infinite and a normal dispenser, but experienced modders probably know how to fix that. :) Maybe just by adding a piece of redstone to the middle slot (and then make sure the dispenser never drops the middle item).
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    or a sign above it..."this one be infinite" :)

    love the idea though
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    I'd like to see this too. I spend days making a special spawn area that farms most types of items for players, but sometimes a small compact dispenser is so much nicer
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    I'd like to see infinite chest with respawn timer on the items.
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    Once inventory hooks are added (They are needed for chests and this sort of thing) I will look into it.
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    well we have gone from build 12 to build 50 in 2 days so with luck inventory hooks aint far away!
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    CraftBook will have this feature (and deprecate its infinite dispensers) when it gets ported.
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    How is the progress going of CraftBook? [​IMG]
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    Any news on this yet? Would be great to have.
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    As far as I know we're still lacking some of the necessary hooks.
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    I'm creating a plugin that pulls inventory for dispensers from chests next to it.
    --- merged: Mar 2, 2011 1:34 PM ---
    Nearly done!
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