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    Plugin Category: Admin Tools

    Plugin Name: HaxData

    Description: The plugin would record notifications from the NoCheatPlus plugin and save them so you can look up all the notifications you have gotten from a player.

    - /haxdata check <player> - Lists all notifications for <player> with a time and date.
    - /haxdata top - Lists the top 10 players for having the most notifications.

    - haxdata.admin - Access to all commands.

    HaxData Check Format:
    &d[HaxData] &f<Username>
    &e<date>&d: &c<notification>

    Example HaxData Check without Color:
    [HaxData] Dinnerbone
    2014/07/06: Failed SurvivalFly.
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    just use the command /ncp info (player)
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