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    Plugin category: FUN

    Suggested name: Clingy

    A bit about me: I'm a fan of light and fun survival and I'm just trying to have the best experience I can.

    What I want: As of now I know there is an outdated plugin that allows you to use Arrows and String as a grapple hook, and another that has the ability to climb. I'd like a combination of both in a single plugin..

    Part 1: The grappling hook
    (Like this plugin)
    Essentially what I want is.. To be able to left click (or right, if you can't do left. I'm new to all of this.) with Arrows in your hand, and if the position isn't too far away it'll 'attach' a grapple hook onto that point. Then when you left click (or right, again) with string it pulls you over to that spot. If it could also simulate the 'shot arrow' that would be awesome too!

    If it's possible you could even combine it and just make it so that you can launch the hook while holding an arrow, and not have to switch over to string, instead using the other click (left to shoot the hook, right to jump to it), but still require string in order to shoot and jump to the hook. The amount of string it requires could simply be 1 or it could adjust according to how many blocks away the selected block is. (Each 'grapple' should cost 10 energy. More on that below. By grapple I mean launching the hook then pulling yourself to it, the pull can be the part where it costs.)

    Part 2: Climbing
    (Like this plugins climb skill)

    I would absolutely love if it could have an 'energy bar' that slowly runs out as you climb as that plugin does. You would have to be holding nothing, and there would be no required items to climb, and simply hold shift then right click on a block that's close enough to be highlighted in the black selection box in order to initiate climbing, then just releasing shift OR holding a different item can end it (Already climbing, clinging to a wall, swap to arrow to try and grapple to another wall = you fall, you can't climb while holding something!). It can be done the way they have it, by spawning a glass block underneath you (unless you're climbing ONTO another block).

    I want 3 types of climbing (All of which the previously mentioned climbing plugin has), the bottom kind by targeting underneath to hang onto the bottom of a block, the side kind to hang onto the side of a block, and the top kind by targeting the top of a block and instantly being placed onto it as if you climbed onto it. All of these must require shift to be held, and each costs 10 energy per use.

    As for the energy bar, it should be a per-player setting that defaults at 100, It should refill at a rate of 1 energy per second when you're not climbing or clinging (not refilling even while clinging with the grapple hook). If 1 energy per second will cause lag (I don't know how this stuff works, again. My apologies) then energy can recharge at a rate of 5 per 5 seconds like in the previously mentioned plugin.

    Ideas for permissions: I don't really care for permission settings personally since I don't use them at the moment so do as you will with that. I have no clue how they work or how to use them. If you'd like to add in a few permissions I would appreciate it as someday I might begin using them but it's not required.

    Ideas for commands: No in-game-commands needed for this plugin. But I WOULD like a config file that allows me to adjust the following settings: Which item launches grapple hook (default arrow), which item pulls (default string) (If you're unable to combine it into a single item, using left click to fire and right click to pull), max distance/blocks allowed to fire/use the grapplehook (default 30), max energy (default 100), energy regen per second (or per 5 seconds, if 1 second is laggy. Defaulted at either 1 per second or 5 per 5 seconds.), how much energy climbing costs (default 10), how much energy grappling costs (default 10) (yes, separate please!), a list of which blocks you can climb on, and last but not least a list of which blocks you can grapple on. Both lists done using block ID's, they can be blank or with a few example entries so I know how to update the list how I see fit.

    Some issues that might happen: When a player fires a grapplehook and doesn't pull to it, leaving it there. The 'hooks' could vanish/clear within 10 seconds from being fired or when the player moves from the position they fired from.

    When I'd like it by: Honestly as soon as anyone will make it. It sounds like quite a big plugin when spread out like I have it, with all of the detail but I'm sure it shouldn't be TOO hard for someone that knows this stuff, as I do not.

    Thank you very much for taking the time to read all of this, I apologize for going so overboard on the details. I look forward to getting a reply about this!
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    There already is a client and bukkit mod for this called Smart Mobing, search it on the minecraftforums.
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    To be honest I don't like or want all of the extra stuff it comes with (different animations, different sprinting, swimming, crawling etc.. Just unwanted stuff, most of all the extra dependencies I really don't want) only very simple climbing like the plugin I listed had which used just a glass block underneath you, and a working grapplehook since the only few I can find are outdated. ): I also don't believe that is nearly as customizable as I was looking for.

    I'm sorry to come across as picky but it's simply not as lightweight as I'm looking for.
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    Then if you want the grappling hook to bee visible, then you would need a client mod too. Is that something you like?
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    I don't want to use Spout or anything other than the plugin, so I don't mind the grappling hook not being visible at all. That would be perfectly fine. As long as it works I'm happy without seeing it visibly.

    I was hoping you could simply use an arrow to symbolize firing the grapple hook and where the arrow sticks is where it'll try to pull you towards. Like in the hookshot plugin.
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    Well then it's kinda the same as a teleporting plugins or do you want it to go smooth or something?
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    I want it to launch you over smoothly, yes! That would be terrific.
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    You could use a fishing rod and if u shift and right click after u toss the line, make it so you slowly get pulled to the end
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    That would even work! As long as I could grapple and pull myself to places, even over holes and stuff.
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    I also had another random idea. Maybe instead of a spammy energy message it could use hunger? Like each time it would cost energy instead it costs a tiny bit of hunger? So a bit of climbing won't take much but scaling a large cliff could leave you hungry/exhausted.

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