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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Konkz, May 18, 2012.

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    I set up my Permissions Ex - works fine.
    But when I try to add more groups, it crashes.
    So I'd like someone to set up Permissions Ex permissions file for me.
    Use your common sense to think about what permissions,

    just make Guests be Less powered than Members!

    Groups /w prefix'es (and sufixes) I want:
    Guest | &8Guest:&7 | NONE
    Member | &3Member: | &7
    Architect | &5Architect:&3 | &3
    Shopkeeper | &dShop Keeper: | &d
    Enforcer | &eEnforcer: | &5
    Moderator | &bMod: | &b
    Admin | &cAdmin:&5 |&c
    SuperAdmin | &4 Super Admin: &c | &6
    I want Enforcer to be able to give a plot, (Add owner to plot)

    Plugins I'm using:
    - AntiCreeper
    - ChatManager
    - DeathTpPlus
    - Essentials
    - EssentialsProtect
    - EssentialsSpawn
    - LWC
    - Modifyworld
    - Nocheat
    - Orebfuscator
    - PermissionsEx [Obvious enought...?]
    - PlayerStatusSigns [I want Enforcer + to have permissions to make it]
    - VanishNoPacket [Moderator +]
    - Vault
    - Voxel Sniper [SuperAdmin +]
    - WeatherMan [Admin +]
    - WorldEdit [Admin +]
    - Worldguard-5.5.2 [All permissions other than addowner Admin +]

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    How? In what way?

    Not many people will be willing to set this up for you as this forum is meant to be for bukkit technical issues only (plugin support requests should be directed to the plugin author and/or their assistants) - let us know what the technical problem is [usually an error in your console].

    You're probably putting tabs in the file when you should be using 4 spaces.
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    There are many tools you can use to set up groups for youre server, Fist learn how to format and properly use a yml file see here. This is a Tool that a member made for PEX users also see here. Toutorial for beginers for PEX permissions see here. Permissions FAQ here.

    All hat I linked will help you to set up you're permissions.yml, We are here to help, but we cannot offer everything to you and serve it on a silver platter.
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