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Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by M3t, Jan 14, 2011.

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    need /home and /sethome commands

    whitelist that can be updated without having to restart the server, and non-capslock sensitive (duh)
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    Uh, you should really check the plugin releases forums. There are two plugins that accomplish your first goal already. The second I am not sure on; I think I saw something about it though.
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    I'm pretty sure you're 2nd request is currently impossible due to the nature of the minecraft server (i.e. everything external is loaded only at startup)
  4. Uuuuhm... Everything is loaded when a plugin requests it to be loaded - it all just depends on how the plugin is coded. ;-)
    And when something is loaded in bukkit's case is also a matter of bukkit, not the Minecraft Server itself.
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    You should give the PrivateWarp plugin a go.

    Still, user permissions is not yet done. It's being worked on.
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    Also my Latest Plugin Guest Book is a WhiteList that auto updates were people can still join but cant build till a admin sets it and you can use MyHome for /sethome /home
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    Yea, I posted a "Small version" of MyHome with only /home and /home set. But once Bukkit permissions come out, you'll be able to disable any of the commands for any/all users.
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    As a direct response to M3t comes SimpleHome
    Its not a replacement for anything thats out there, just a fullfiled request :X

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