[REQUEST]Factions with Abilities. Assassins vs. Templars.

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  1. My idea was to be able to create factions . Of course there are already faction plugins but theres nothing special about them . So the idea is that you can configure a permission file for a specific group and give them powers.

    For example . Assassins are able to use 'vanishnopacket.vasnish' but only for a short time depending on the rank. Thats the next part. There are no real ranks in the already existing faction plugins.

    Assassin ranks could be : Killer , Shadowfighter , Assassin , Elite Assassin , Mentor , Master Assassin.

    As you grow in rank you are able to use new powers . Imagine you have the rank "Killer" . You are able to make yourself invisible for 5 seconds and after that there is a cooldown timer of 3 minutes.

    Also as Assassin you should be faster than normal players.
    Assassin : 45% faster , Mentor : 60% faster , Master Assassin 75% faster.
    Also the cooldown time for using invisiblity is decreased if you have a higher rank.

    Now my questions are :

    Is it possible to make a cooldown timer for permissions? (such as vanish or mob disguise)
    Is it possible to build a rank system which is controlled by time you played? (1hour = Shadowfighter , 3hours = Assassin etc.)

    I would be glad if someone would code such a plugin. Think of the possible scenarios you could create with that plugin! (Jedi vs. Sith) (Cops vs. Gangsters) (Ninjas vs. Samurais) and each faction has its own powers!

    Thank you for reading and sorry for the messy post I'm in a hurry.
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    Use heroes with factions.
  4. Heroes doesn't work out for me.
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    How so?

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