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    So i got this Idea when the people on my server were building a castle. I thought "Wouldn't it be so cool if a dragon were to attack the castle" Sadly the only dragons in minecraft are in the end. So I would really appreciate it if someone could make a plugin that lets you set an enderdragon on your enemies.
    This is how it would work. You would have to be an op to do it. You type in the command /summon enderdragon. And five obsidian pillars with those dimond orb things appear along with an enderdragon. The enderdragon then attacks players randomly. Also once the enderdragon is summoned You could type in /set enderdragon<player's name> and then it would attack the specified player!


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    Well you could use a few plugins:
    First to spawn a dragon you can use essentials and write /spawnmob enderdragon, but I am sure there are a lot of other plugins that can spawn mobs I use essentials cuz it also gives you alot of other usefull commands
    Second to make the ender crystals you have to use EnderCrystalizer cuz there aren't any other plugins that can spawn those crystals
    Third I really think you should use the BlockEnderDragon plugin to simply stop the ender dragon from destroying everything
    And I because the ender dragon is hard to be killed I think the people on your server are going to love the idea to get some kind of reward after killing the dragon so probably u should use EndReward(I know that the ender dragon drops alot of xp but there will be always a player who will get all of the xp and the others won't win anything)
    I use all of the plugins except EndReward so I can assure you that all the plugins work correctly with 1.1 R-4
    I hope I helped
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    There's no need to get BlockEnderDragon just use permissions to block Enderdragon block damage.
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    Well can u at least tell us whats the node and with which plugin it comes

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