[Request] Different Spawn location for certain groups

Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by joaoadias, Jun 30, 2012.

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    I need a plugin that gives different spawn location for certains groups.

    I know that Essentials Spawn but i don't like essentials. Instead of it I use CommandBook.

    I need a command like /setspawn Guest, and Guest Group will have that spawn location.

    I hope that you understood what i want :p

    Thank you, Joaoadias :D :D
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    I think essentials spawn does this
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    I'll just leave now. *flees in shame*
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    It happens to the best of us. :)
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    Thank you!

    I'll wait for more! :D

    No More Plugins that do what i need? :(

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    Try not to bump so often. You should wait about 12 hours before bumping again.

    I would recommend doing a search, because I'm sure there is a plugin out there that does this. I quickly searched, and the first few I found were incorporated into a much larger plugin with much more functionality.

    If you still cannot find the plugin after doing quite a bit of searching, come back. This is a fairly simple request, it seems.

    You might want to mention which permissions system you are using. If the developer doesn't support Vault, then they'll probably need to know your permissions plugin.

    Good luck with both searching and with a developer!
  9. I will hopefully be adding this to CommandsEx soon
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    Thank you <3 :)
  11. What about if i wait, 11 hours and 59 minutes and 59 seconds before i bump? Do i get in big trouble?
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    Yes, if you don't wait exactly 12 hours, we're all going to yell at you and you'll be banned from the forums.
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  13. But then it says about 12 hours, does it have to be exact?
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    No, as a matter of fact, the closer you get to 12 hours without actually passing over 12 hours, the more severe the punishment will be.
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  15. Then i'm right and npc is wrong :)
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    It's NP. There is no C.

    NPC is a non-playing character.
  17. Well i thought you were a bot?
  18. I will try my best as I am working on some other features for CommandsEx but it should be included soon.
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    iKeirNez, That's good but what I need is a simple plugin for diferent spawn locations. That's all, because I use CommandBook :/

    If someone could code one would be great! :p
  20. CommandsEx has an online Plugin Builder where you can select what features you want in the plugin, so if you only want one feature, you will only get one feature.

    I hopefully add it soon to CommandsEx but I have some other things higher on the priorities atm.

    I'll try and let you know when I add it though.

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    Actually, Im working on a plugin that does this now! Could be a little until it is finished, but eventually, it shall be done.
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    Ok, with that feature ok :p
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    He is not a bot. I dont even know what does that means. He is an cyborg, and im sure his computations refrain him from commenting on this topic.
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    Randomly searching on the forums, yes, HomeSpawnPlus (linked by wizzy86) has this functionality. Just use "/setgroupspawn groupA" to setup a groupspawn, then either give your players permission to "/groupspawn" or if you want them to go to their groupspawn on death or join or whatever, modify your events to do just that, like so:

    - spawnGroup

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