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Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by Demon Boy, Jul 21, 2011.

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    Demon Boy

    Hey iv'e been looking for a simple plugin that deletes what i'm holding at the time as an admin I sometimes have slightly too many items and my inventory gets cluttered, a command that deletes what stack i'm holding will be useful for cleaning my inventory and the ground, instead of making lava pits and throwing my items into it. Appreciate it if someone could make this for me, thanks.
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    I used to use a General plugin that had a command /take <item>. Since then, the command has either vanished or I picked up the wrong General plugin (there's like four of them). You might want to search the General plugins on the site for one that has a /take command.

    In the meantime, this has given me a plugin idea for swapping/storing inventories! :D *runs off and codes*
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    Demon Boy

    There already is a plugin out there where you can scroll through different inventory pages but id rather something that takes from what im holding at the time instead of a specific item because I want to macro the command so if its relevant to the item im holding I wont be able to
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    Drat... and it does it a lot better than what I was going to do anyway... *sulks back into the shadows*
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    Demon Boy

    :p can't help me with my delete cmd? <puppy eyes>
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    I'll give it a try :)
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    Daniel Heppner

    Use CommandBook as your "General" plugin. It has something like this.
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    Personally, I use TPack. Boomstick, cuboiding, and /clearinv

    They're all fairly useful for server-administrating

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