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    Plugin category: [MECH/RPG]

    Suggested name: Daggers

    What I want: I would like players to be able to craft daggers that do a little over half the damage of the corresponding sword (diamond sword --> diamond dagger) and have a little less than half of the sword durability. The crafting recipe would be exactly half of a sword. One stick with a single ingot on top. Also, if you can please make the damage and durability configurable that'd be a huge help. (That way it is compatible with more servers and more flexible)

    Ideas for commands: No commands needed for this plugin.

    Ideas for permissions: dagger.equip (allow equipping and use of the dagger) dagger.craft (allow crafting of the dagger)

    When I'd like it by: Whenever you can. Sooner is better than later :)

    Additional Information:

    Open to suggestions :)
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    Directly from the [READ ME FIRST] post.

    Make sure your request is even possible. Bukkit plugins can, for the most part, only modify what the server can do. Here is a list of things you cannot do with a plugin:

    • Create a new block or item.
    • Show a picture or video to a player (except maps or displayed in blocks)
    • Create a new creature or monster or change the size of an existing one
    • Check if a player has a texture pack, mod, or hack installed.
    • Play external sound. Can only trigger noteblocks, records and effects.
    • Move a player between servers (in a way that doesn't involve complicated proxying)
    So, you can't create a new item and give it new damage properties. It is possible to make a custom recipe and reduce the damage done by certain weapons. Other than that, you would have to use Spout and require your players to use SpoutCraft.
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    oops, didn't even think about that... hmmm

    Guess I'll just use swords and change the damage values for the classes using the Heroes plugin...
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    This is not a new block or item. You can modify the current stats of weapons. Please do your research before saying it's not possible!
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    Uh... I said that he/she could use a current weapon and have the damage modified. Other than that, explain to me how it wouldn't be a new item.
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    No, but the OP was asking for daggers. That would be adding new items, unless he wants to REPLACE swords with daggers.

    EDIT: Blairjam beat me. ;)
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    Ya, I was pretty much asking for a new item :-/
    Thanks for trying to offend defend me but i was in the wrong and should have known better.
    If there is ANY option for something like what i asked for to happen then please let me know, but for now i am just changing damage values.
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    Offend you? Surely not.

    The only way to ADD daggers would to use something like Spout, and would require all your users to use SpoutCraft. If you want this that badly, try posting on the Spout Forums... You'll probably have better luck there. ;)
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    I meant to say "defend" XD

    ...and until bukkit finds some sort of way to auto-download spout to people connecting to the servers (kinda like how steam servers do downloads) I am not touching that shit with a 39 1/2 foot pole :)
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    If Minecraft is ever linked to steam , that will be possible.

    sorry for my bad english lol
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    I don't think it will be. Wasn't that a rumor/possibility for a while and then Notch came out and said "no" basically?
    Notch even played TF2 with the developers and they gave him a hat :p
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    I was gonna make something like this a stick with flint over it gave you a knife aka a stick with sharpness on it

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