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    Plugin category: Disguise

    Suggested name: PlayerDisguise

    What I want:
    Now I know that there are a lot of plugins out there like this but I want a specified one. Now in this plugin I would like a /d command. Not what this would do is it would change your ChatName TabName And PlayerTag, it will also automatically make your rank look as if it was a default member. I also want a command so Staff can do a simple command and do like /dn <name> to find out who the player is incase they brake the rules. Also if you can make it so that no 2 people are disguised as the same name as once that would be awesome. I would also like it to generate 2 text files, a log and a config.

    In the config it looks like:

    Disguise config
    - '{Name}'
    - '{Name}'
    - '{Name}'
    - '{Name}'

    And I would like the log file to look like this:

    - Player {Name} Disguised as {Name} at {Date_Time} {Date_Date}
    - Player {Name} Disguised as {Name} at {Date_Time} {Date_Date}
    - Player {Name} Disguised as {Name} at {Date_Time} {Date_Date}
    - Player {Name} Disguised as {Name} at {Date_Time} {Date_Date}

    I would also like this formate:

    - http://gyazo.com/ee06081685b7d40e993d2039713a487f
    - http://gyazo.com/b1addeaef088169fa5ae7b5b4db76ce8
    - http://gyazo.com/41a5695c73c93cde77d4e868007b3c9b
    - http://gyazo.com/c94c32e3f3dc2780100a6eaa689947e0
    - http://gyazo.com/fd8352251baa7da00aae3160ae1aa421

    Ideas for commands:
    Some Ideas for commands are:

    - /d <Name> Disguises there ChatName TabName And PlayerTag.
    - /ud UnDisguises them (Returns there rank, name, ect. back to normal).
    - /dn <Name> This will show staff the Disguise name and the real name of the player who thy pick.
    - /dtoggle <On/Off> This will make it so if it is set to off No one can do /d and if it is on people with the permission can do it.

    Ideas for permissions:

    I would like the permissions to be:

    - Disguise.Disguise
    - Disguise.UnDisguise
    - Disguise.Name
    - Disguise.Toggle

    When I'd like it by:
    Please take your time coding it, no rush. So no real time :)

    Thanks -Tom
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    tomkelo hey this could be possible and I probably can do this. I will just need some time but I can do this
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    Cool thanks!
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    Why would you have the permissions to disguise but not undisguise, or vice versa? :rolleyes:

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