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    I just want a Plugin where I can set an x or z coordinate to make an invisible border infinate on both ends which prevents creative mode on one side. This would allow my server to have both creative and survival modes together while keeping the building styles apart. Players would be able to switch themselves in and out of the modes to go where they please.
    Survival mode players can go anywhere, but Creative is limited to one side. It would be based on the mode a player is in, not a group. When a player approaches the border, a message would appear letting them know. "Switch to Survival Mode to cross the border" and such...

    Simple Right? Can someone please do this?

    also, no permissions would be needed, except for an override so that an admin group can still go to the survival side in creative mode

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    You can always use multiverse, and create 2 worlds. one creative, one survival.
    Much easier than setting a border.
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    yeah I explored that idea already, but some people in my server want to build a city in creative mode and then play as survival. Not only that but their friends want to build next to them in survival mode..so separate worlds wouldn't work.... I mean I guess it could, but we want everyone together..we're trying to avoid separate worlds cuz that's like seperate servers in a way.. we want everyone connected by paths and train systems without going through portals..
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    the only problem would be resetting their inventories. They could bring diamond blocks with them etc, Unless you do multiword and use MultiInv
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    With Residence you can set the players to be able to Not Move in a area with a bunch of other features as well. check it out
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    There's a plugin called Creativity I believe, that prevents you from getting drops from creative mode spawned blocks, and creative mode players can't get drops at all, so the inventory issue won't be an issue.

    I don't think Residence is what I'm looking for..

    Sorry it wasn't the "Creativity" plugin, it was "Burning Creative Suite". It's exactly what I need minus the Border Part I mentioned.

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    I did have this idea a while back, but have not found the time to work on it. I'm currently trying to do MCStats for SpaceBukkit. Combine this with everything else I do outside of Minecraft, and in a real world :confused:

    I don't have the time. But it can be done.
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    .... what if I begged lol
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    any new possible interest in this?

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