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Discussion in 'Plugin Help/Development/Requests' started by MajikalBlood, Dec 29, 2014.

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    Hello Bukkit, I requested a plugin in the past for formatting all forms of chat and the plugin was made. However the person who made it is no longer active and the plugin is slowly becoming broken.

    I would love it if someone can remake this plugin and have everything updated and working for the latest spigot release. The tabcolors have ceased to work anymore and sometimes the plugin pops up an error and causes the format to stop working.

    Please, someone be kind enough to remake this plugin.

    Would like some kind of help with this please.

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    This person was bullshitting you. I will run over the features.
    Changing chat-related commands - Bukkit has a new file, called commands.yml or aliases.yml or something equally obvious. You can say what commands actually correspond to which plugin-side command inputs, and indeed which plugins. As for the variables, it supports that too. Colors can easily be done, just substitute § for &. If that doesnt work, try "#x00a7" instead of &.
    Join/leave messages - You can put a custom resource pack in your server. Resource packs can contain things other than textures, such as languages. This is where paths such as multiplayer.player.joined translate to "SkythekidRS has joined the game". You can change this to whatever you damn well like.
    Player renaming aka nicknames already has a zillion plugins.
    Tablist and overhead player recoloring is also easy. Simply create a scoreboard team, set the 'color' option to your desired color, and add the players to the team.
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    Thats not the point. The point is I requested this plugin to allow me to modify the chat for players through a configuration file not force resource packs or anything like that
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    There are already join/leave message plugins, and the rest of the things hold. There are just multiple configuration files.
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    Still looking for help with this.
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