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Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by shaggy2010, Jan 12, 2011.

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    OK, this is an idea I wish to have on my server, without a plugin or not. But a plugin to allow this could really make it easier for me personally, and meet in the middle between a Survival Server, with a nice building side to it.

    What im trying to do, maybe weekly or fortnighty, to have "build days" where mobs are turned off, time/day is set to day, and players or a selected rank can use the /give command and give items (but not all item types, but the most common building blocks). - so an ability to allow what they can/cant spawn.

    Maybe another command than /give if its a server plugin.

    THe idea is, i could "enable" build day as a global annoucement, and then mobs /time day will be ceased (this is the lesser important factor about build days, it can be done anyway from configs).

    But giving /give on a temp basis of specified blocks to allow free building while this mode is enabled.

    As said, I want to do this with my server, and allow folks to get building and "let their hair down". Because I want to make SMP more survival/single player like in general.

    I hope this makes sence, Im still a hMod user and not sure of how to go about with the switch over just yet or if its ready on this side. But I personally like my idea, and I hope one of your coding whizz's likes it to and wishes to make this.

    Thanks for reading.


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    Any ideas, inputs, positive or negative to this idea, please comment.
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    Something like this has been requested. Link
    At least the monsters turned of feature.
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    its mainly allows members suddenly able to grant themselves items, a bit like "creative mode on". If possible. The means are kinda lready there with server configs and /give. But something more flush without editing groups.txts would be nice.
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    I like the idea of this. Maybe institute it by adding an additional day-star or something, and on days where the sun is hot blue or red instead of yellow, the nasty mobs don't spawn at all? Keeps it visible enough that players can tell the difference and might allow server admins to do things like institute holidays on their RP servers, and indicate other events for the normal ones?
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    That's an interesting spin on the idea. Lots of possibilities but will have to be read into by a coder to see how possible this is.

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