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    I am interested in a mod that offers the following:
    • Spawns tougher mobs, having higher health and doing more damage (this exists in a few plugins but please read on)
    • Some mobs might be resistant to certain types of damage (i.e. fire, cactus, water, suffocation, etc.)
    • Boss mobs are scaled in size to be 2x-5x their normal size (possibly larger for cave spiders and silverfish, this is important)
    • Each boss would have a spawn coordinate, spawn radius, and number to be spawned (the mob spawns on the specific x,y,z coordinate when the player gets within XX blocks, and spawns a quantity of XX)
    • When a player triggers a spawn location, events can happen such as...
      • The player receives a message (I would like this to go over a "local" channel using Herochat), possibly including a wait/sleep timer so the player can read the messages before the boss actually spawns
      • Coordinates that contain levers, buttons or pressure plates can be activated (to close off the exit to prevent the player from escaping, multiple triggers preferrably)
      • Said mob then actually spawns
    • When a player defeats a boss, events above can give a death message from the mob, as well as trigger redstone to open an exit
    • When a boss mob dies, a reset timer should prevent the player from repeatedly farming the boss
    • Boss mobs will drop epic loot, including blocks, items, xp orbs and Vault-compatible money (hopefully overriding drops from OtherDrops)
    • If a region defined by WorldGuard protects a boss room from spawning mobs, this plugin should override it so as to ensure that only the boss mob spawns
    I realize that this is a plugin of epic proportions (no pun intended), but I certainly think it is doable. This would make dungeon crawls a LOT more exciting and give that real RPG feel. If you are up to the task I would love to test it for you. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to reply.

    Thanks for reading!
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    cool! nice idea!, perfect for server RPGs like mine! :p
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    I am very interested to see if someone picks up this idea. I have a large vision when it comes to designing my server and I am only limited by the plugins out there. I already have a number of plugins but I always seem to fall short when it comes to finding mob plugins that do more than just spawn them.
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    I guess I will have to look into scripting. I am a networking major and didn't take to programming too well, but I suppose I can try my hand at it. I just wish there was an easier way.

    Also, it is missing key features such as mob size (I assume is the mob spawn method) and things like activating a redstone circuit, which I haven't the slightest on how to do. :\
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    I was lead to believe differently, as I had a plugin (can't remember if it was Essentials, CommandBook, or something else) that wasn't Spout related, didn't require client modification, and allowed me to manually spawn mobs that were larger than normal size. I will have to do some digging to figure out what it was.

    Also, I had assumed it was something relatively simple as slimes and magma cubes are scaled based on one model, as well as giants a scaled version of zombies. Also, creepers slightly increase in scale pre-exploding. There has to be a way to do this.

    Thanks for the link. I will look into this.
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    Well, I'm not sure.

    Giants are a predefined size that Mojang made them.
    I think it's just an animation when the creeper explodes, not really getting bigger.
    Slimes and magma cubes can be different sizes because they have multiple predefined sizes.
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    Yeah, unfortunately I'm not aware of any way of scaling mobs - I would love it if it were possible as I'd like to randomise mobs so they are always slightly different sizes (and set slightly larger mobs to have a higher chance of higher health/damage/more aggression).
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    Yeah, I have sent a message to Dinnerbone to ask him about it and whether or not it might be feasible in the future to include something. Hopefully he can give me some kind of explanation as why it may or may not be possible.

    As I have said, with certain mobs being scaled in the game (looking at slimes, for instance, they have a setSize() method, where certain plugins take advantage of it and let you spawn enormous slimes), I think it would be possible to translate it over to other mobs as well.

    What would be even nicer is to have animations like the creeper animation, where you actually see it grow? Imagine battling a strong mob that has health on par with a dragon. When you damage it enough, say to 30% of its full health, it becomes enraged, growing slightly larger before your eyes (maybe even maintaining the red damage color for the rest of it's life) and increases it's damage output by 10-20%.

    I can't say that I am not an MMORPG fan, but a lot of those games have bored me with the leveling mechanism but I still enjoyed the big encounters and PvP. Incorporating many plugins together has helped me do away with the leveling component, but this is something I feel would add an aesthetic touch to the game.
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