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Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by Calmiche, Jan 13, 2011.

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    There's nothing more humbling that opening code and realising you have no clue how it works.

    Can someone make a port for Blast Pick? It's a nice little plug-in that lets you destroy a variable amount of blocks quickly. I find it indispensable for quick building and, of course, it died with hMod.

    The code is open and posted on github. It's only 125 lines, but I don't know how to hook it into Bukkit.


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    Looking into it now.

    Oh and for the record I don't know Java either.. I just know all its cousins and relatives. ;)

    EDIT: I think I may have been too hasty, given that the guy who wrote this seems to have multiple mods. I'm sure he will port them, so lets give him the option before I go stepping on peoples toes..

    But dont worry, if he doesn't, I have it ported on my system.. I think.
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    Is this done yet? I can't find it, it was one of my favorite plug-in's and I really want it back! So hurry if it's not done yet.
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    I have a copy I ported but I'm not releasing it in any way until the original coder says publicly he has no intention of doing so.. its about respect and I would not be respecting my fellow developers if I just went out and took their projects from them.
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    why dont you give him a private copy and message the original developer?
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    Becouse when it breaks - like every plugin seems to ahve just done - he would want yet another "private update" from me.. and thats the same thing as me releasing it in terms of the work I have to do. In that situation, I would be doing all the work of releasing a plugin to the community, without actually doing so. No gain for me, or more importantly, for the community.
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    I believe the Spells plugin has a spell called "blast" that is similar to what Blast Pick does. You could just try that until Blast Pick is ported.
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    Thanks, that works for now but I still would rather have blast pick, so keep trying to get ahold of him.
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    Tagging original developer. He will know f this thread and if he does not respond, I will release my version under a different name.
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    Ho0ber was actually the original developer of that... I'll bug him, see if he'll port some of his stuff. My guess is he wont, because he plays WoW all the time :p
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    The problem is that I left a message for him in the Hey0 forums about a month and a half ago and he responded that he would be updating it for Bukkit. That sort of ties everyone else's hands until he either changes his mind or makes the port.

    I'm trying to be patient, really, I am...

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