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    Plugin Category: Mechanics
    Plugin Name: BetterCommandSigns
    Description: This plugin allows you to assign commands to signs that the player can right click to activate the assigned command.

    - Assign any command to a sign.
    - Assign more than one command to a single sign.
    - Write anything on the command signs. The plugin will not change text.
    - Set a cooldown on each sign to say how often a player can use a sign.
    - Set a cost in experience for using a command sign.
    - Set an item cost for using a command sign. Looks for itemID and dataValue.
    - Create signs that only players with certain permissions can use.
    - Use economy plugins supported by vault to allow for sign use cost.
    - Use {User} in any command to specify the player right-clicking the sign.

    - /bcmdsigns add <id/name> - Used to add a sign. Punch a sign after use of this command to set it's id.
    - /bcmdsigns remove <id/name> - Used to remove a command sign.
    - /bcmdsigns assign <id/name> <command> - Assigns a new command to a sign.
    - /bcmdsigns cost <id/name> <amount> - Adds a cost for using a sign.
    - /bcmdsigns xpcost <id/name> <levels> - Adds an experience cost for using a sign.
    - /bcmdsigns itemcost <id/name> <itemID> <amount> - Adds an item cost for using a sign.
    - /bcmdsigns group <group> <id/name> <access> - Allows or bans a 'group' from using a sign. Set access to true/false (allow/ban). Groups are made with permissions.

    - bcmdsigns.admin - Allows use of all ccommands.
    - bcmdsigns.use - Allows for use of command signs.
    - bcmdsigns.group.<group> - Sets a player group.
    - bcmdsigns.exempt.<costType> - Players will exempt the sign cost. Types are cost, xp, and item.
    - bcmdsigns.exempt.cooldown - Players will exempt the sign cooldowns.
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