[Request] Backup plugin with support for incremental backups

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  1. Plugin category: server-mods

    Suggested name: Up to you

    A bit about me: I'm a server admin for a relatively small Minecraft server (peaks at about 10 players, 100-150 total registered players), and I have fairly limited server resources. I currently use MineBackup. However, even when compressed my worlds add up to 2GB. This means that each day I have 24GB of Backups when backing up once every 2 hours. I have fairly limited disk space, and I'm sharing the server with other users who require disk I/O time as well. As you can tell, the situation I am currently in isn't ideal. Additionally, each backup takes around 5 minutes or so.

    What I want: I would love if there were a plugin which was similar to MineBackup but supported incremental backups. My aim is NOT to create an archive of the server, it is simply to restore to the latest backup if the server crashes and rolls back, or if for some reason the world becomes lost. Additionally, if incremental backups were used, there would be a far shorter backup time, and the overall disk usage would be considerably lower.

    Ideas for commands: I don't think that this plugin would require any additional commands that something like MineBackup doesn't already have.

    Ideas for permissions: Same as above, use permissions similar to MineBackup

    When I'd like it by: No rush! I'm not in desperate need of a plugin like this, it would just be a much nicer setup than what I currently have

    Similar plugin requests: None that I yet know of.

    Thank you for reading this request, and I hope if nothing else I give some developers some interesting ideas for the future :).


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