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    Premise: In-game command to force start AND force stop the background music (piano1.ogg, calm1.ogg, etc)

    Basically, I need to be able to (either via worldguard regions, start and stop the background muisc (NOT the jukebox disc) on command. Kinda like the plugin "Region Jukebox" but using the background music INSTEAD of Jukebox Music.

    Any ideas guys?
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    If I am honest, I am not too sure that its possible.

    I believe that the background music plays separately because when I was playing on a server with my mate the music didn't start at the same time (and i don't mean separated by a few seconds) for us and the songs were different.

    If I am wrong please do correct me!
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    timtower Administrator Moderator

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    I think you can start the music at the same time... But if your friend was first online his music started first
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    Yeah that looks about right tbh

    We had been playing for an considerable amount of time before the music chimed.

    Also its likely that it would have made every player on the server listen to the same music at the same time so it was in one segment of code.
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    Minecraft already has this.


    In a command block:

    playsound @a

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    That does not work. That will play audio from the Sound folder. I need to play audio from the music folder (like the calm1.ogg or piano1.ogg)
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    inventorman101 Retired Staff

    You can't play music on the client side the only thing you could do is play music on the server which is pointless.
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    not at all. I am trying to play background music world wide for a zelda nes recreation map. the overworld music
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