[Request] Animals as players!

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by Leon Philips, Jul 20, 2011.

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    Leon Philips

    Hi, I could not found a plugin myself and I cannot create one... so here is my idea for an plugin:

    This plugin would be able to make you a animal!
    here are the features:
    1. make your char invisible (like vanishNoPickup) and replace it with an animal at a certaint point
    2. when being a mob you would not get attacked (like vanishNopickup) by angry mobs (exeption: Human)
    3. A special place for Turning into a Mob
    4. Mob abilities are: (unless better ideas have been posted!)

    Pig [pig] : Walk fast trough Soulsand (like mud)
    Chicken : Slowly Float down (like the birds on your head in Mo'Creatures)(might help: Blift plugin)
    Sheep [sheep]: Change color in (example: Red) when holding a (Exaple: red)/coloredwoolblock
    Cow : Standing between Weed and typing a Specific command will drop a cake and some soil is trampled (5/4/3 spots)
    Wolf : Other untamed wolves will follow you and attack mobs you attack
    Squid : Breathe underwater

    Spider [spider] : have a Rod to pull other mobs and have an ability to climb
    Skeleton [skeleton] : Have infinite arrows
    Wolf : Other untamed wolves will follow you and attack mobs you attack
    Human : having no nametag
    Zombie [zombie] : nothing special (suprice effect)
    Creeper [creeper] : can only explode when in a radius of 2 blocks of an player (explosions are weaker than normal)
    PigZombie : Attacks are a little stronger than an Iron sword
    Ghast : Makes you able to fly slowly (sneaky = down / Space = UP) Right clicking is shooting a fireball
    Giant [zombie] : Disabled?? (becouse his head is in a WAY other spot and that would look weird or VERY hard to code)

    Named Plugins:

    Blift (becouse it makes it client-side some more nicer)

    Please comment some ideas/Tips

    Thank you for your time!;)
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    Sounds good so far :3

    I'd love to be that :3

    AND How about ghasts ?

    Able to fly and shoot shit :D
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    I really hope this is possible.
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    Lunar Delta

    Heh, kind of reminds me of playing as a Nalicow in UT. :D
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    Leon Philips

    I think it is -> look at the vanishnopickup plugin, that could work with animals too I think!;)
    You could be that but you wouldn'd be able to see it yourself, the clientside would make you be pushed away from the giant so the giant should be vanished from you only and you should be completely vanished -> you walk as player and you will be seen as giant

    And the ghast idea is uploaded ;)
    Giants would be a problem...If anyone know how to fix the view of a Human into the spot of the gianthead... would be great but i dont think that is possible :'(
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    I'm sure a Dev will jump on this soon then.
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    Leon Philips

    I hope so, even IF developers jump on this they may recieve all the credits ;) I dont care about them, I just want this plugin SOOOOO bad :rolleyes:
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  8. For the creeper:
    When it explodes, would everyone die? :O
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    Leon Philips

    Depends on how far the creeper is if you die or not :p but a little smaller blast but only when it is near players! (to avoid random holes in homes when they aren't at home ;)
  10. my bad, i meant, would the player controlling the creeper die? (lost my train of thought in post :D)
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    @Leon Philips
    I've been developing this already, and am almost done!

    It's a very hard plugin to code, but you can turn into ever monster, even giants with ease.
    However, things like flying while a ghast is impossible, as is shooting fireballs.
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    Oh really? :) Did you come across any problems or was it relatively easy?
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    Tons of problems, including crashing all clients on the server.
    It requires packet listeners, great packet hacking, and tracking players when they interact with others.
    It's generally a very hard thing to do. If you have any more questions, ask!
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    I'm interested in how long you have been working on this, do you have anything in the way of screenshot material so i could see what it looks like? If not its no big deal, I'm looking forward to the release, sounds great :)


    Neometeorites has fireballs falling from the sky? I'm thinking this means that there is some way it's possible to have ghast fireballs :) Maybe i'm mistaken
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    About a month or so. No screenshots, its simple. The player just looks like a mob. No floating nametag etc.
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    Well congrats, hope you finish it soon. A month is quite a hefty amount of time to be working on one thing. Most of my projects last little over a week :/
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    Leon Philips

    Wow! that was quick ! thank you !!
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