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    So after a while of searching the forums in regards to help out a server, I came across a Plugin that tracks the alts used by a certain player.

    Let me explain more:

    If I was to ban a player from our server. Is there a "up to date" plugin that allows us admins to trace the IP quicker and ban any other alts that is associated with that IP?

    I know there are plugins that have been made but never updated?

    Regarding possible Commands;
    - /ipa [name]
    *Brings up Alts associated through that players IP

    Hope you can help.

    Sam -
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    timtower Moderator Moderator

    If you want to do this you need an large database to store every player account with an IP, so if you want to see the alt accounts, you just perform an search on the IP that is used, but you can't find alt accounts without seeing them on your own server first
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    This one is really easy. Unfortunately, I'm about to go to a class of mine. I'll try to work on this one. I first need to know if you have a MySQL database?
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    It's called IPCheck. Look it up, it's just what you want. :)

    It even lets you take accounts off the database if you know it's just friends playing from the same LAN. I have several groups like that on my server and it's annoying to see a list of "alts" every time one of them logs in, haha.

    EDIT: I'm nicer than that. Here's link. The latest version works fine on 1.5.

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