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  1. Hello everyone! For many fallout servers, this would be an incredibly useful plugin. I'm trying to keep it as simple-sounding as possible, though I know a plugin such as this that edit's inventories could mean a ton of work. The end result, would be a very popular plugin for anyone creating fallout themed servers. If anything, stripping down the "pip-boy" theme the plugin could just be "AdvancedInventory" - A plugin that brings a new layout to the classic survival inventory. If this isn't possible please let me know so I can re-think this request!

    Main Idea: The main purpose of this plugin would be to replicate the "Pip-boy" from the fallout series. In a sense, we're looking to re-create the way players see their inventories. Here's an example of a "Pip-boy" main screen. A texture pack will be added to replicate the screen's glow/icons. The new inventory will be a combination of information and re-organization of their inventory, similar to the creative inventory.

    Suggested name: Advanced Inventory/Pip-boy 3000

    The plugin would modify all player's inventories. The idea is to replicate the pip-boy's main screen as much as possible. In theory, I'd like the inventory to be laid out like the inventory's on the Xbox360 edition..Only instead of organizing different types of blocks, it would organize your survival inventory. The "tabs" would have to include the following:
    Player's health(For example, this can be shown in the main screen with their player's body.)
    Armor |Weapons | Quest information +Location | Stats | and inventory.(this would be re-named to misc.)

    Here's an example of the Xbox360 inventory that this plugin could reassemble to:

    Ideas: Everything will be controlled in-game. The inventory itself would hold the same amount of items a survival inventory would, but combine information into the inventory. If it is too hard to re-design inventories, setting this plugin up like "command-chest" having an object open a menu that would reassemble the "Pip-boy 3000" would be equally as great.

    Ideas for permissions: Players in creative would need to bypass this layout, perhaps a
    inventory.bypass permission could be added.

    Thank you so much in advance, I'm sorry if it wasn't clear from time to time. I can try to provide more detail if needed.
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    The layout of a players inventory is all handled client-side so we couldn't add anything into it. We could maybe add a few items that you can't get in-game and put them in the top few slots of their inventory and have the items show the information when you hover over it.

  4. Thanks! This would be something that would have to be created client-side then, would this be possible in the sense of making the "Pip-boy" menu using an item such as a compass?
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    Would require a client and serverside mod. Which we support neither. Locked.
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