[Request] Add Lapis Lazuli to pre-existing chunks

Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by urakkia, Jan 14, 2011.

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    Hi all,

    My request is for a plugin or tool that would add lapis lazuli ore to a pre-existing world. I'm thinking it would scan each chunk, pull out a random number of stone blocks at the appropriate depth and convert them to LL ore. Because of the way it works, it would be a one-time use tool. The server I am running has a 500MB world that has been worked extensively, and it would be a nightmare to have to scrap it after all this time. A thousand thanks to anyone willing to take this up.
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    You can always go to a unused part of the world and let it generate.
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    Just think of it as an excuse to develop far-flung mining posts. Role-play a bit. I'm looking forward to doing it on my private server myself. Any plugin that did what you wanted would lag the server, since it'd need to update thousands (if not tens of thousands of chunks, and each chunk is 16x16x128 blocks, which is tens of millions of blocks).
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    simple solution to that is to only do say 10 chunks with in where the player is standing still i bet that would lag like all hell.
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    I know I could always go to new chunks, but I wanted to avoid that. When we first started the server we used the terrain generation tool to create terrain 1000 chunks from spawn in each direction, which made the world huge. (We were using the biome terrain mod, which wasn't updated for Beta at the time, so we had to pre-generate the world to avoid chunk discontinuity.) That's why I was thinking the tool would be one-time-use; we can take the server offline, run it on the world for however many hours it needs, and once it's done we don't have to worry about it anymore.
  6. Should be easy enough to code a tool, JNBT would allow you to modify chunks, just search, list, load, edit.
    Unfortunatly I have no clue about the maths for making lapis appear in a correct amount.

    Could do it with a random set of pre modelled veins.

    But yeah it's feasible to do. If I can find out java's file searching capabilities I could give it a shot.

    I would add though, the possibility of deep strucures made of smooth stone being comprmised by veins sticking out exists...
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    Hmmm I didn't think of that, but I think it's an acceptable risk. A lot of our underground structures are already "compromised" with coal veins, so one more ore shouldn't bother anyone.
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    The best plan would be to wait until they have the loadChunk() method working.

    You could then stand at a particular location and execute the command once.

    It would then load each chunk in sequence and update it. You could either have it do it slowly (say 1 chunk every minute) or do it all at once. The 2nd option would probably require everyone to be kicked, since it would massively lag the server.

    The rule could be that the target block must be
    - a smooth stone block
    - surrounded in all directions by smooth stone
    - at the correct depth

    This solves the aesthetic issue since blocks in walls wouldn't be surrounded in all 6 directions by smooth stone.

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