[REQ] Zombie-Survival: Army Squads VS Zombies On HungerGames 2 Map

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    Hi. My name is Scazzum, I'm the owner of the BlueStone Survival server. Me and the rest of the team are looking for a plugin that allows a player to join 1 of 4 army squads and then follow the commander to kill as many zombies as possible around the hunger games 2 map. When you join a squad you can apply for commander of the squad. You are commander until you either leave the server or resign. Also the plugin i want, you can customise the distance a zombie is until it spots you and attacks you. You can also increase the amount of zombies that spawn near a player.

    Here Are The Commands!

    BlueStone has requested a zombie apocalypse plugin. The plugin lets players join an army squad. The squad members must work together to kill an endless amount of zombies on the map. The game also increases the ammount of zombies that spawn. (Lots of zombies). Also increases the distance you are before a zombie spots you. (About 30 blocks now) Also. When you join a squad, The name above the player turns a sertain color. (Squad 1: Red. Squad 2: Blue. Squad 3: Green. Squad 4: Yellow)


    /za joinsquad <number> (Joins the squad by number)

    /za leavesquad (Leaves the squad you are in)

    /za applycommand (A message appears saying that someone in your squad wants to be leader. Type /za vote <yes/no> and the player might become new squad leader. Old leader will become a squad member)

    /za vote <yes/no> (Votes for the person wanting to be squad commander)

    /za supplydrop (After typing this and then right clicking a redstone torch. A chest will appear.) (Only commanders of a squad can use this)

    /za requestbackup (Sends a message to all members of your squad)

    /za squadlist (Displays the list of players and what squad they are in)

    /za squadmap (If a player types this whilst holding a map. All squad members will show up in green.) (The green dots do not move so you have to update it regularly)

    /za objective (Displays the objective that your commander has made)

    /za createobjective <objective> (Only command of squad may do this)

    /za sendmessage <squad> <message> (Sends a message to the squad commander of other squads)

    /za gotocommander (When you type this. A request is sent to the commander. If he accepts the request. You teleport to him in 5 seconds)

    ------------Display Messages---------------

    When fallowing messages show. This is at start: "&8{&eTelegram&8][&6Command&8]&e <Message>"

    "The squad commander has died!" (When the squad leader dies, This message appears)

    "The squad commander has stated a new objective!" (This shows when the squad commander updates the objective)

    "The squad commander has requested a supply drop!" (This shows when the squad commander requests a suply drop)

    "A member of your squad has been made commander!" (This shows when a new players becoms command of your squad)

    "A member has left your squad!" (This shows when someone leaved the squad you are in)

    "The squad commander has left the squad!" (This shows when a commander of your squad leaves youe squad)

    "Request sent to commander!" (Displays when you type /za gotocommander)

    "Request has been rejected!" (Displays when the commander denies your teleport request)

    "{PLAYERNAME} Has Been Recruited!" (Shows when soemone joins the server)

    "{PLAYERNAME} Has Resigned!" (Shows when someone leaves the server)

    -------------Squad List-----------

    /za squadlist (Shows squad list. Read below for more info)

    (When this is typed. A list appears with a list of people who are in your squad. Green names show people who are alive. Red names are people who are dead. And light blue names are the squad commander) The squad list will also display in the color of the squad! Eg: &4Squad1

    -------------Admins Commands (Optional)------------------

    /za addsquad <number> <Color> (Allows you to make a new squad for the server.)

    /za removesquad <number> (Kicks people from a squad then deletes it)
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    For sure these could be an exciting zombie survival game Army squad versus zombie hunger games, and if I play this game I would like to join the Army squad.
  3. Why did you put [REQ] in the title? Is this not the requests forum?!

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