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    Hello,I live in england so my english is pretty good.
    Well i was wondering if any1 wants to contribute a plugin for my server because there is a list that i will need, Its called "Zombie Laine" as mentioned in the title.
    Zombie Laine is a game on Facebook that i think would be cool to test try to have on a minecraft server, now i have my own server... but have no coding experience, so thats abit of a shame :(

    The List:
    1.Zombies dont burn in daylight
    2.Zombies still spawn in daylight
    3.I need like a plugin so that users cant destroy the floor.. if you get what i mean like they cant destroy the floor (i have a flatland server) so basicly.. i will try to explain this :(, There is a flatland server and basicly all you see is a flatland with grass on top i want the users not to be able to destroy the floor if that made sense well done... lol
    IF NUMBER 3.. Dont work or something i would prefer that but you can just use it so they cant destroy dirt except for a op.
    4.Zombies can break gates.. basicly in the facebook game they are able to break the gates in this it could be every 5 secounds they are touching the gate, 1 of the health of the gate is gone out of 5 health of the gate...and when the gate's health is 0 then it just vanishes, lol if that made sense if it dont just add it in the comments.
    5. ENERGY!, it would be cool if some1 made this lol as in the game you start off with 16 energy, and every time you place a block,remove a block,kill a zombie... you lose 1 energy.
    When you have 0 energy you cant place a block,remove a block, or kill a zombie.
    6. Zombie custumize drops, i dont want the zombie to keep placeing these god dam feathers!, i dont fliping need them!... i want to be able to custumize what the zombie drops in a config.. it would also be good if i can do multiple of what it can drop and random how many drop it drops lol.
    7. Players Treat a Fence as Nothing, like the player can just go straight through a fence but zombies cant, they must destroy it (as mentioned above) to get throught but players can just walk right through the gate, or able to jump it.. if there is a thing for the player to jump higher i guess that will do but not exactly what i wanted.
    I was wondering if any1 wants to contribute in this list of things i need, just post below me in this order
    1. Which Plugin you would help me on?
    2. Will you contribute on multiply of plugins in the list?
    3. Which 1 would be the hardest to code in the list, do you think?
    ... Then here you can comment on whatever you like about the subject. (4)
    i hope i get some responces and i will give u credits for ur hard work on a plugin at my server, thanks.
    I AM ALSO, Going to Favourite this page and check it everyday to see what people have said and reply when i can, Thanks.
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