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    I would like the ability to have a web interface for the client. Here is the concept:

    User logs into Server with MineCraft client. The user then opens their web browser and uses the same IP to access the web interface where they are authenticated with their Minecraft.net account.

    What would be in the web interface?
    It would allow developers to make things like:
    Live Maps that work with plugins like Towny showing terratory information.
    And Auction houses that list currently running auctions.
    And Keep your XP and stats up for RPG servers.
    And anything else that would benifit from a graphical interface over the typical text interfaces now.

    Menus for shops, Banks, what ever else.

    If this interests anyone, feel free to ask more questions about it.
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    Dam, I had the same idea however I don't really know any java etc however there are loads of separate plugins out there which do things like that and I'm learning html so I'm combining loads of different tools into one user friendly experience on my server. where in game you type /wa password [choose a password] then you login to the website with your ign name and the password you made.
    Then you will be on the homepage which will have things like your money, stats, skin etc however here is the progress so far and btw the skin is your players skin and you can click and drag it arround, example:
    And once its finished it will have the web auction which works slightly on the test server and using php and websend im going to be making a player shop where you can use in game money to upgrade your players permissions ie Member->higher rank etc. I might have a dynamic map however that depends if it causes lag or not. Also one day if it works I will have instant donation rewards so u can upgrade without having to wait for me to do it.
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    Hi Fortune, I just saw your reply. You have some awesome concepts. Sadly the images you posted are not up anymore. Hopefully you will see this.


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