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    So in our server we have special tools that are assigned to golden tools, such as VoxelDoop. What I need is a plugin to make gold tools useless. The hoe should not function and the others should not affect blocks. I dont know how but I found out that this is applied.to the worldedit selection tool, you cant break blocks with it. I'd appreciate some help.
  2. Greetings funstein,

    Does it help, if you can be able to "ban" the item from the clients? That means that only admin's is allow to use them, and if a player tries to get the item, it says they dont have permission!
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    Nope, Players will be using the tools. The tools should not function. I think it can be extracted from WorldEdit Selection Tool source.
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    What do you exactly mean by should not function?
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    use the item held event. get the items in the hand and cancel it.
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    What about a plugin that you can configure to make tools useless? And maybe with permissions?

    Edit: Done. Haven't released this plugin because for some reason I think one like mine already exists but I can't find it anywhere? Anyway.
    1. Download it here.
    2. Place in your plugins folder
    3. Run your server. It will create a config file.
    4. Navigate to plugins/UselessTools and open config.yml
    5. There will already be some item IDs in there to demonstrate how to list them, remove them if you wish and then add the item IDs of the tools you don't want to be usable and save.
    6. In console, or as an op type /ut reload OR restart your server
    7. Try it out
    8. Tell me if there are any problems as I haven't FULLY tested this yet
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    Bump...any feedback?
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    OtherBlocks can do this - eg:

        - &disablegoldtools
          drop: DENY  # no drop occurs and the block doesn't break
                                # (use drop: NOTHING if you want "no drop" and broken blocks)
        - *disablegoldtools
        - *disablegoldtools
    # etc...
    # disabling the hoe is a little trickier
      CLICKRIGHT-4: #cobblestone
        - tool: [GOLD_HOE]
          drop: NOTHING
    # etc...
    Hmm.. on second thoughts this means you need to define the drop for each and every block. This does allow you more customisation if you wanted it (eg. allowing tool use on a couple of blocks) - but if you wanted just to disable it on everything it's a bit of work so EdTheLoon's plugin is better if you're replacing it for all blocks. Have been considering an option for "ALLBLOCKS:" at some point but not in there yet.

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