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    Hello everyone.
    I'm hosting a Big Minecraft srever, wich is now in top 40 servers in PMC.(not ad)
    Every day, more than 10 new players join the server for first time. More than 5 of them never had played minecraft in a server or don't know any commands. Thats why we have Help-admins. We have open forum, where people apply for help-admin. As 90% of the applications are accepted, we have very huge team. I want "fire" help-admins wich dont help people and use their permissions for items only. Thats why i went to this idea.

    - A plugin, wich helps players contact to ALL Help-admins using only 1 command.(/uls h Message)
    When a help admin recieve the message, he can type /uls accept usernick and he will be auto-teleported to the player. After helping the user, he will ask him to type /uls vote helpadmin and that way Help-admins recieve points** for helping. Those points are stored in MySql or txt file. This will help Owners of the server to see who is playing with his Help-admin permissions and who is a real Helper.

    I will support everyone who will start working on this project. I'm sure that I'm not the only owner who wants to see if his stuff is usefull or not. Thank you for the attention.

    uls.help - permission to send help-message (/uls h Message and /uls vote helpadmin)
    uls.accept - /usl accept usernick and auto-tp to the user

    Be aware
    User can vote only if he sends /usl h
    User can req for help once per 30mins or configurable time


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    I am not a dev, but I would like to check out your server!
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    Does this matter?
    The srever is called W*arriors
    and we still need this plugin
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    Essentials. --> /Helpop <message>
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    thats not the same!
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    how come?
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    No voting for one... I've seen HelpOp, and it doesn't have a configurable cooldown, or a
    vote-for-me-after-asking-for-help either.

    wildcraft, beware that essentials' /sudo can be a powerful tool if you let your server/admins have it. They can force players to run the vote command without their control.

    Best of luck.
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    Doent help me, but thansk for reminding me to check permissions.
    Help-admins dont have this permission, so i can sleep safety now.
    **Still searching for a developer. I may make a website if the plugin is done

    ok. Thanks!

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    ok. Post it here as soon as its ready.
    Do you mind adding this plugin here in Bukkit,Biukkitdev. I will make a website, becuase I think thins plugin could be really usefull.
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    what happened?
    can you do it or not?
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    Why don't you just use the Petitions-Plugin and look who made how much petitions? That achives exactly the same.
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    Are you still doing this 7cardcha2 ? If not, I could take this on me.

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