[REQ] Undead Pig [IT'S POSSIBLE!]

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    Hello. I have a plugin request that IS possible.... A mutant pig!
    Undead pig would use spout. Undead pig is a pig that makes pigs 1/10[maybe configurable] come
    back as an Undead pig and attack the player, and drops bones[if that's possible].

    If anyone could make this [I don't know how to make custom mobs] that would be great.
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    Someone, please.
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    This would be an awesome funny idea! I really like it haha.
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    well you can set a target for the pig but I don't think you can have them chase down targets let alone damage them (it is possible just complicated would have to check proximity to the pig and the damage a player)
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    You can do anything in spout! I really think I should learn java. Having already learned a lot of php and c++ I don't think it should be too hard.
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    Not hard at all making em damage or chasing them. Chasing them is a matter of setting the player as a target D:

    If I had time I'd make a plugin like this.
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    Well, OtherBlocks can do the pig back from the dead bit (with customisation):
            - drop: CREATURE_PIG/1/10%
              delay: 40  # delay 40 ticks (about 2 seconds) - can remove this or increase or whatever
              message: "The pig has risen again."   # option message
    But not the aggression bit - although that's on the todo list I'm not sure how easy it'll be. Will also be looking to be able to "drop" custom mobs eventually - will be keeping an eye on Spout.

    Celtic Minstrel's Friendly is aimed towards this kind of idea (changing alignment of mobs) but I don't think he's worked out how to make pigs aggressive - perhaps you could see how he's going with it?
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    I was unsure if setting the target entity for a pig would even make them move towards the entity (like agressive mobs do) and the reason I was saying its complicated is that even though you can easily make the pig damage the player wouldn't you have to check their distances to see if the pig was close enough?
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    Ye but even checking if hes in range is something relatively easy to do :D compared to some other stuff ^^
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    Spawning a new pig after the death of another pig - Possible
    Making the new pig hostile - Theoretically possible.
    Changing the texture of the pig via Spout - Not yet possible.

    You misunderstand the current capabilities of Spout. Think of it's texture changing more like a texture pack you get for whatever reason while on the server. That's nice, but texture packs, by nature, will change the texture of ALL pigs if used the way you're suggesting, and it likely wouldn't be instant as the clientside has to download the texture pack before any changes are seen.

    If I'm wrong, feel free to prove me as such - I very well could be.

    Not to worry though, as Spout, in the distant future, aims to add all sorts of new features from custom blocktypes and graphical GUIs, to even the possibility of new mobs, I'm sure.
    What you need for the appearance is a new mob, and sadly Spout just isn't that far along yet.

    Also, @Zarius @Pencil @dak393
    You guys should check out the CustomDifficulty plugin, by @Pasukaru - which can make any mob you want hostile, passive, or friendly, dependant on times of day. There's lots of other features in it too, such as spawning any mobs on any world, how frequently they spawn, their health and attack damage, and what they drop on death.

    Link: http://forums.bukkit.org/threads/me...ong-or-too-weak-for-you-change-it-1000.20135/

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    You could make the undead pigs immune to fire and make them burn all the time as a visual effect :p
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    The capability that the Op mentioned, setting an individual texture for an entity, was included in the latest Spout release, 1.0.2.
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    This thread was old, but I just checked on it and it seems possible, so someone [maybe me now that I'm a coder, dunno how to make mobs though] should make this.
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    Then make a new thread.
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    I think you're all thinking about this too much. It is very possible and there is no need for spoutcraft. just onEntityDeath event get the location of the entity and if the entity type is = to a pig create a new entity that is a zombiepig at the place where the last pig died...

    Unless of course you are thinking about a new mob type then you would need some pretty good skills in java and use spout.
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    Is anyone doing this yet? Since, I have experience with this, it would be like doing a word-puzzle lol.
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    onEntityDeath -> set timer to spawn new entity, mark the location where the entity will spawn
    onEntitySpawn -> check if it's a pig, if it spawns at the right location (maybe 1 meter error area), and change the texture with spout
    ((CraftPig pig).getHandle()).setPathEntity(x,y,z,yaw,pitch); -> move to the player
    pig.setTarget(player) -> could not work, it's probably only for mobs extending Creature
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    I'm doing this!

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