[REQ] Tutorial - A new Citizens type!

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Will you use this plugin if made?

  1. Yes, I sure am.

  2. No, I think it's useless.

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    Basically what the plugin does... It links into Citizen's to make a tutorial NPC that walks around and spits the tut in chat.. Here's how it works.

    1. Make an NPC.
    2. Make its type Tutorial. (Like a quest so you can accept or decline on right click. "Do you wish for a tutorial?" [customizable])
    3. Select its path. (To walk and talk)
    4. Stop briefly on path#x. (If you're looking at a creation)
    5.On path#x you can set what the NPC says. (Only if you having a tut.)

    Path 1. "Follow me to reach the Golden Gate Bridge."
    Path 2. "Make a small left here"
    Path 3. [STOPS for x seconds] "Brief explanation for Golden Gate Bridge THAT WE CHANGE IN CONFIG".
    Path 4...... So on and so on.
  2. I simply love this idea ! This NPC could also get a voice with Spout/SpoutCraft :)
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    i would love this
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    Something you can speak in a mic and save? Or computer generated like Steven Hawking?
  5. Yeah, was thinking about pre-saved voice files in ogg, 'cause I know Spoutcraft allow that.
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    Kinda cool :p
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    It's an interesting idea... I'll play around with it.
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    So can you make it?
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    I planned a simmilar one ...
    You define a path with points ..,
    each point has a tag ...
    For each tag you define a desc message and a next message ... the npc wait a max time...if you hit him, or no time left he shows you the next thing.
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    Did you ever try to make this, or not?

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