[REQ] TTT: Trouble in Terrorist Town

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    The traditional game on CSS and Garry's Mod could be rewritten into minecraft!

    Think about it. 10 players start and there is 1 terrorist.

    This terrorist has to kill all the innocents, without them knowing it was him. You could have all the traditional players such as:

    Randomly select at the start of the game.

    After a player has been killed either by a innocent (suspicion) or by a terrorist (aim of game) A blood splat would be put on the ground (Redstone). A player could then right click it, and it would show the things like

    Killed by (weapon)
    Time dead (Time)
    Last line said (Last line)

    The detective could do more detailed checks, such as DNA found on body. He could obtain the killer by right clicking on another player, showing his DNA type. DNA would be untraceable on body after a set amount of time.

    Detective right clicks on body (redstone)

    Time dead: 1:00
    DNA type: 3
    Last line said: "Hel-"
    Killed by: Diamond sword

    He then right clicks on "OMGPLAYER" (this would only be available to detetctive)

    Stats "OMGPLAYER"
    DNA type: 3

    After a player has been killed ingame, he is teleported to a waiting room for the round to end. When in the waiting room, they can only talk to other dead players, but can still see the chat from the normal game. They should have the tag "Dead" infront of their name.

    The terrorist wins by killing all innocents.
    The innocents win by killing the terrorists.

    (Maybe to stop people randomly killing other innocents, have a limit on innocent kills before they are kicked per game)


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    Funny you should post this. I was working on a TTT-esque plugin for Bukkit a handful of months ago but quit when I got bored. :p Just yesterday I was thinking of picking it back up. Right now I'm really busy with school work. Who knows, maybe in the next couple of weeks I might be able to start on this.

    I make no promises that I'll ever get around to this! Just be happy knowing that there is a plugin dev out there somewhere who is also interested in this idea! :p
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    As appetizing as it sounds to get paid a few bucks for something I do purely for pleasure, I'd rather open-source a project like this. If I ever get around to this project, you can just use it for free.
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    TTT.... In minecraft... I wanna play TTT now.... Modding TTT was soo much fun in Gmod!
    Anyways on topic: To see this happen would be amazing!
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    Any bids on this then? (;


    Devs who might be interested in this: codename_B

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    Just to let you guys know, I've been thinking a lot about the design for this project and will likely begin working on it next week!

    Feel free to send me a PM in a few weeks if you think I might have lost sight of the project. :p
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    Taken up the project

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