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    Hello guys,

    I think you all know about the biggest scare story in minecraft: Herobrine. A mysterious... "person" appearing in the fog, building mysterious structures, hiding and watching you. Uuagh.

    Now I recently found the following video:

    It's a pretty old video, but for those who don't know: This was done by using a plugin for hMod, which just does what you just saw.

    Since hMod and the plugin aren't up to date: Is anyone is planning to program a plugin similar to this? It seems like something really awesome for me.

    If yes, there are some things that could be improved after my opinion. Here's my list:
    • Herobrine should disappear after a second or two. You shouldn't be able to just stare at him for as long as you want, his mystery should be kept.
    • The structure he builds should be more insane. Anyone can build a tunnel. But only herobrine makes things like a lavadiamondhellstoneglowstone-tunnel! Or something alike...
    • His nametag should be removed or changed into something... cryptic. Like your own name!
    • Make Herobrine's structures rare. Very rare. It should be a REAL event, not like finding diamonds- everybody finds diamonds some day.
    • Ensure death or a dramatic event. It isn't even really necessary that you aren't able to use /home, but when doing so you should start to randomly burn, get teleported into the nether, etc.
    So, anyone planning to do something like that? Tell me what you think about my idea! Thanks! ;)
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    Bump! Anyone there? :oops:
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    Just commenting

    I have no herobrine plugin in my server at alll !!!!

    One day, ive logged in there was a character called Herobrine building burning crosses with a single 'bam' !!!

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    This has been requested countless times, that's probably why no one is replying. Still, I had this plugin back on hMod and I would love to see it ported to bukkit. Hell, if I had the skill to do so I would do it myself.
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    Maybe he builds whole cities but when more that just you are on it all dissapears and turns to sand or something. This would be so cool.
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    It's simple. Herobrine is killing all the Developers. D:

    Also, there's no Herobrine Entity, sorry for killing your fun. It's not gonna happen unless Notch adds him again.
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    Isn't there a minecraft account called Herobrine with the right skin though? It was just a standard player with funny eyes
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    The iLoveYou plugin made it so that a character would appear in-game and it would send pm's to 1 player and it build a shaft to diamond with ladders and redstone torches. When a player follows him all his doing would be rolled back and the player would suffocate.
    It depended on how the plugin was configured. You could say the character would be Herobrine and then it would be Herobrine who would appear with that players skin. You could also call him Notch so it would be notch who led you to diamonds and suffocated you. :) They were just lucky that a player bought the Herobrine name and gave him the Herobrine skin.
    Btw srry for bad english
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    sounds like fun
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    If this is true I could possibly modify the code to Herobrine. However I'm not sure if I could change the buildings made, if another developer would like to help, that would be great. I'll look into it.

    EDIT: http://bit.ly/ko3hGN EntityPlayer, if we can edit texture then we can have some fun. This may require a client mod however if herobrine.png doesn't exist in mobs/ can anyone check?
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    Herobrine exists as a Player, with the right texture on. You could create a fake player with that name, and the server would go get the texture at minecraft.net ( I have the Citizens plugin in mind, where if you create a npc named Herobrine, or Notch, or an existing player's name, it would have the corresponding texture )
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    Plz do!

    Yea I think it was done like this. You could always ask tkelly he was the original creator of the plugin I think.
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    I'll look into it. I'm about to release my first plugin, so I also might steal some of the code from iLoveYou. :D

    EDIT: As of proof from this video:

    Skip to 2:55
    It shows a player called Herobrine with the same skin. I can test this out on my server but the code for building things is more complex for even me as I'm just starting out...
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    @SmilingDevil sounds like fun. I'd be willing to help with a plugin like this.
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    @Tux2, Great! I'm about to release my first plugin right now... so I can get started on this soon once I finish all my other projects.
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    Sounds like a great idea, I will definitely download a plugin like this if it is developed :D
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    I don't think Herobrine built really buildings the only thing he did was make a mineshaft and place ladders and redstone torches in it. There was also a way to summon him. You would have to build a sort of small pyramid and light a fire on it. Then he would appear, say some menacing words, the ground under your feet would catch fire and wherever you would run the fire followed you until you died or jumped into water, then he would disappear.
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    A different approach could be to add Herobrine as a costume (skin and nameplate) for admins activated with /herobrine. You could then /tp yourself to any player and follow them around. I know some players on our server really believe in this character and that would scare the shit out of them :D
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    Monster is the name of a monster with the default skin. (Herobrine? :p)
    Find a plug-in (bMobs?) to make them naturally spawn.
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    i think a scripted player would be the best choice
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    @Faxmashine My friend TechGuard is actually working on this as we speak. He has a good amount of the base built from scratch and is working to a degree. Its an outdated video according to him but here is the page for his WIP plugin: http://forums.bukkit.org/threads/20841/
  23. Yup, I've fixed and added some more.
    And the "planning to-add list" is expanded :D
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    MineDev is also working on this. :p maybe you 2 should contact each other. I've sent him also the last version of the iLoveYou plugin if you want it too just ask in a pm. Oh yea and it is called like that because not everyone should find it by just typing HIS name in google. It should be kept secret between server owners
    :) to keep the mystery.
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    Stephen Rieger

    Ok. I have a single player mod that puts herobrine in the game. It has the Herobrine Entity. WE CAN HAVE IT :D :D :D EDIT: This is not a virus the single player mod actually works. Someone please make this a mod. I would pay them lots to do it.

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    This may be useful... :p
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    Rofl. This plugin looks fun. :p
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    hmm, Does that single player mod have herobrine build stuff and mine and all that? Also does the Ritual thing work in it.
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    Is that why it happened?
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    The actual sprite is not in Minecraft, he used NPCLib which downloads the sprite from minecraft.net. I am still correct. It's just a workaround for the time being.

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