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    My suggestions must be released to the public.

    If you guy could develop this plugin I would be very glad :)

    Plugin Suggestion:Survival Perk! - A plugin that add experience and skills to Minecraft
    Survival Perk! allows players to choose a perk that can benefits them in survival mode.

    It should:
    • Allows a player to choose a perk that he wants
    • Make sure each perks has it strengths and weaknesses so none are abused
    • Also have permissions support.
    • Backup your server, just in case there is bugs and it might corrupt your server.
    • Download SurvivalPerk!.zip from the download link.
    • Extract the .zip file to the plugins folder
    • If desired, you can disable perks and enable perks that you like by going to the plugins/SurvivalPerk! folder and opening up config.txt
    • I suggest not using potions because some of the perks might affect it and cause bug problems.
    Click Config to see the config file
    Configggg (open)


    /perks - Choose a perk
    /removeperk [playername] - Remove this chosen player perk

    • perks.choose.* -- A user with this permissions is able to choose any perks he desire.
    • perks.remove -- A user with this permissions is able to remove another user's perk
    • perks.choose.wise -- a user with this permission is able to choose a perk that is chose
    Perks list:
    Perks (open)

    Cowardly -- The user's speed will be increased if the user's heart go below 4.

    Wise -- When Crouching the user slowly regenerate half a heart per 10 second.

    Jumper -- Takes no fall damage if the user's health is above 4 heart, if below 4 hearts, the user dies instantly

    Inspirational -- If the user's health is below 3 hearts, the user's health is regenerate each 5 second until it reachs 3 hearts.

    Zombieism -- The user can eat zombie flesh and raw meat without taking damage and also get healed double the amount of hearts, but however cannot eat cooked meat.

    Athletic -- The user is able to sprint without losing any hunger, if below 3 hearts the user will lose hunger while sprinting

    Heroic -- The user can do more damage to mobs but when they attack an animal, the animal receive no damage, but get pushed

    Relentless -- When a user kill a mob, he will gain 1 heart, if the user's heart is below 2, he is unable to gain 1 heart from a mob unless his health is above 2 hearts

    Sadistic -- The user will lose 1 heart per half a minute, but when a user kill something he will gain half a heart.

    Resourceful -- The user will have a chance to gain 2 wood from one wood block, two cobblestone from one stone block.

    Traitor -- The user will gain 10 hearts when you kill another user, but however will lose 1 heart if they kill a mob.

    Selfless -- When the user die, every user in a 20 block radius near him will regenerate 10 heart.

    Marked -- A message will be sent to the user's chat, telling him to kill this mob, when he attack this marked mob he will do more damage to it.

    Thieving -- When a user attack a user, This user will have a chance(5%) to steal the user's item that he is holding.

    Vampiric -- When a user attack a user at night, The user will earn half a heart, However at morning if the user is exposed to the sun,the user takes half a heart damage per second.

    Toxic -- The user is immune to poison, and when attacking other users, the user will be poisoned, but the user cannot do any damage to users.

    Scorching -- Immune to fire damages(Can still get killed by lava and fire if keep moving on it)
    but however the user's screen will be covered with fire as he is on fire.

    That is all I got, I hope somebody will make this plugin

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