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    Recently I rediscovered the flash Games "Submachine", and was inspired to make some puzzles for my server based off the games. Some of the stuff in the Submachine games can be done native in MineCraft, but the Submachine's Teleporters themselves I can not find a way of really doing with all the current TP plugins for Bukkit(or any other mods for that matter).

    A TP mod that allows for entering coordinates based on [x][y][z] form, but not off of MineCraft coordinates).

    • Setting the coordinates for a submachine tp by sign on back
    • Three buttons to change each variable(shown by signs above each button)
    • One button to activate
    • If Coordinates exist in Grid, TP player to the machine
    • If not reset variables to 0
    • Variables range from 0-9
    • Different networks of Submachines(can go on same sign as Coordinates of the machine)
    • Multiworld support(not required, but would fit perfectly)
    • Permisions(again not required but would be nice)
    The games can be found here. Fourth game is the first appearance of the TP in request. It does not have to look like the ones in the game, just function like them. I'm ok if its all a sum of common parts linked to make the machine.

    Secondary request:

    If possible, along with the main request I would like the use of the root submachine(from the 5th game). This one is of low priority, but would be nice to complete the TP system.


    • Two signs for coordinate display, hit with item to change
    • Alt for above: one sign with (0,0), right click change 0 on right, left click change the 0 on left
    • 12 items to set coordinates(customizable by config)
    • Button to activate
    • sign on back to set Network and Coordinates(0-12)(0-12)
    • make it so same item/coordinate cant be in both spots at once(no (1,1))
    • If coordinates exist TP
    • If not reset to (0,0)
    If some one does this, I would be really grateful. I understand this may be a lot of work(I would not know) so I know this may take a while to make if someone does take the request.

    To all those who would like to see a plugin like this: Feel free to show your support, but dont expect much if no developer is interested.

    To the developers: Thank you if you do this, but don't worry if you don't, this is not everyone's ideal plugin.


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