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    This would be a new game type, or a modification to survival.

    You can build buildings and buy units like in other strategy games.

    At first you have to place your core building. Which is a castle. Every building has a core, if it is destroyd, the building dissapears. Also, you cant build/repair buildings or get blocks from it. So they wont be farmed.

    After you place a castle, a safe time period begins ( configurable ) Where you cant attack others, and you cant be attacked. This gives new players some time to make defenses! You cant buy units but you can make new buildings.

    After the safe period is over the fight begins! To win, you will have to destroy enemy castles, but to do that you have to destroy every enemy building first! This way you cant just sneak in and win. Destroying buildings will be easy, becouse every building will have a "core" which when mined destroys the whole building. You can defend your castle with units. Which can be bought in the buildings. There are many combinations so it wont get boring. Plus you can make walls and traps.
    If you win, you get points or iconomy money or gold ingts, whichever the server prefers! You can then spend these to buy ranks, which can be shown off later. You get max points if your enemy was online!
    If you lose, you lose a bit of your points. You lose less if you were offline around the time your castle went down.

    There are lots of unit and building ideas. I make a list of them! Also, I have some of these in Schematics allready becouse I was bored...

    - Main building
    - Has no units

    Barracks (3):
    Heavy Barracks
    - Can produce fighters in gold armore with a stone sword.
    Medium Barracks
    - Can produce fighters in iron armore with an iron sword.
    Light Barracks
    - Can produce fighters in leather armore with a gold sword.

    Archery (3)
    Rapid fire
    - Can make archers which can shot fast ( or multishot ) but have weak damage.
    Poison shot
    - Can make archers which can poison but have weak damage.
    Heavy shot
    - Can make archers which can do medium damage.

    Church (2)
    Reinforced Church
    - Can make priests in armore and they can heal 1 heart every 5 sec.
    Holy Church
    - Can make priests in no armore, but they heal 2 heart every 5 sec.

    Beastmasters Den (5)
    Silverfish pit
    - Can make beastmaster who can command 5 silverfish.
    Spider lair
    - Can make beastmaster who can command 2 spiders.
    Wolf den
    - Can make beastmaster who can command 2 wolfs.
    Poison lair
    - Can make beastmaster who can command 2 poison spiders.
    Slime pit
    - Can make beastmaster who can control 2 big slimes.

    Summoners tower (5)
    Zombi tower
    - Can make summoner who controls 4 zombies.
    Skeleton tower
    - Can make summoner who can control 2 skeletons.
    Ghast tower
    - Can make summoner who can control 1 ghast.
    Blaze tower
    - Can make summoner who can control 2 blaze.
    Hellslime Tower
    - Can make summoner who can control 2 hellslime.

    Wizard Tower (3)
    Force Tower
    - Can make wizard who does half heart damage and has a big knockback.
    Fire Tower
    - Can make wizard who uses ghast fireball.
    Lightning Tower
    - Can make wizard who uses lightning but has bigger cooldown.

    Trapmasters Hut (3)
    Lava Pit
    - Trap master makes random lava pits.
    Explosives master
    - Trap master places random TNT with pressure plate over it.
    Cage master
    - Makes traps out of 4 Iron doors and a pressure plate.

    Saboteurs Hut (1)
    - Goes into enemy buildings and destroyes cores!

    Tunnelers Guild (1)
    Starts to go towards nearest enemy core mining his way in!

    Prison (1)
    - Can make suiciders who will go towards nearest core or unit and go boom!

    Stables (3)
    Archer Stables
    - Archers on horses
    Heavy knights
    - Heavy fighters on horses
    Light cavalry
    - Light fighters on horses

    You can only chose 1 type of building where there are multiple subtypes!

    To buy a unit you need a configurable resource. ( gold ignot ) and click on the core! There would be a population limit. Which is also configurable!

    You could give out commands to units which could be.
    Follow - Makes him follow you
    Attack - Makes him go to cursor location and look around for enemys
    Guard/Stay - Makes him guard that place
    Patrol - Makes him move from your location to cursor location and back

    If you like this idea please leave a comment.
    I know probably noone will pick up this idea...
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    Its not that we don't want to. I'd love to code cool plugins on a whim for people, but I have neither the experience or the time. Creating a plugin like this is a lot of work, and after creation is a lot of support. The bigger a plugin, the more issues that are possible. Then they have to keep the plugin updated which is even more of a time kill.

    Trust me, we'd love to build it once. Its just too big of a project. You should do what I did, learn to code so that I can make stuff I need. I haven't made many plugins, but I can make things unique to my server!
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    Very interesting idea. i like it! Problem: It would be so difficult/hard/time consuming that no one person could create this easily. Perhaps it would be possible to get a team to make it however... Do some looking around, if you can find some people who would be willing to collaborate on this, it might actually be possible
    I would do this, but i couldnt do it on my own, unless you were willing to wait a couple millenia or so ;)
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    I know basics, but I know there are tons of plugins out there and i can make my server unique with a combination of those :)

    Im looking :D Also, as far as I know it is possible, only one point Im not sure about is units. They would have to be clientside moded too. I know thats a realy hard job.
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    Do they have to be? theres npc libraries for the human-npcs (fighters, etc)
    And for the mobs I think you can also control these~
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    Can just hook into Citizens probably, or atleast just use their API. Confound you, im hooked! I would love to make this plugin. I have friend who may be interested as well, i will ask him.
    P.S. Let me guess, you like/play AoE, BFME, Starcraft, and/or Warcraft?
    EDIT: Also, how do you want people to pay for new buildings? Hook into an econ plugin? Or create our own form of resources? (automated farm as building?)
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    Hook into npcx or npclib, probably would have to write your own Library for monsters though? Unless theres one too
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    Yeah I play strategy games, a lot of them. Didnt play BFME though.

    Paying for buildings could be made trough runes or if there are craftable cores it could need something expensive. For example, every building rune will have an Iron Block in the middle, or you need an Iron Block to make a core blcok. Dont want econ during the fight, it would be too powerfull. To pay for units you use a configurable resource. Not econ, but some item, gold ingot, iron ingot. Admins love config files!

    Edit: If anyone picks this up I can help makeing texturepack and/or building schematics. Or just learn more about java.
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    Ill pick it up. I cant gueruntee rapid, effective results, but i can start looking into it. Also, i think it would be much easier (and more realistic?) to have some sort of resource. Adding runes to build buildings might be getting a little too complicated for now, but i think i may have a method that you may like. I have to go, but later i will post what my idea is.
    P.S. Try BFME, it is one of my all time favorites.

    EDIT: Also, if you want to start designing some buildings, and work on a texture, go ahed. Try to make the buildings all one size, like 9 by 9. height wont matter much. And it might not be a bad idea to start taking a look at java, i learned a lot of my programming from making plugins.
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    Im realy looking forward to it :) and if you need any ideas, or want to ask something Im online a lot.
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    Cool idea, sounds just like Lord of Ultima lol
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    I came up with some more features.

    One being a report to the player if his units or cores are under attack.
    Other being a compass which points to the nearest core. ( or something like this to tell players where the enemy is )
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    Ok, here is my idea.
    First look at the uploaded file.
    A player starts out with a level one castle. (Fig 1) This castle has 4 build spots. On each spot you can build one building of your choice. To do this, you would use the command "/build" and then the spot you want it to be built on, and then the type of building, say /build 1 Barracks. This would first take the required resources from your inv (or whatever) and then build the building on spot one, perhaps taking about 1 min . Within each building would be some way to build units (right click sign?). which also take resources from your inv or a central store. You can also upgrade buildings with, for instance /upgrade <spot> <type> . In such a way a player could also upgrade their castle to levels two and then three, which each have more building spots, bigger walls and a bigger castle. It would also enable you to upgrade structures further, aka level one castle can only contain lvl 1 buildings, level 2 castle can contain up to level two buildings, etc. The only dissadvantages would be that it would be much bigger = harder to defend, and it might have two gates.
    This method altogether would make the programming much simpler, but it would lose some of the versatility that free placeable structures would have. It would also prevent people from taking over the planet with structures, which, if someone gets too powerfull, could happen.
    I also have an idea for resources. Much like other strategy games, there could be, say, two resources, food and building material. To get these resources you would have to build farms/fisheries and quarrys/woodcutters. These buildings could be built anywhere outside the castle walls, and would have workers who slowly gather resources. These buildings would have to be protected however, as they would be very weak. These reources then can be used for building, troops costing varrying amounts of food (and for better one also some materials) and buildings just using building materials. Upgrading would also cost materials, with the castle upgrade costing a very large amount.
    Remember, this is only an idea, and a rough one at that. If you think it goes to far from your original idea, thats fine. If you like it, but want to modifie it, go ahed. As it is your idea, you can choose how it works (within reason) (aka lets try and avoid client modifications and the like)

    Certainly, but that will probably be added with troop commanding, which i am overwelmed by the prospect of still.

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    I would realy love the ability to place your own buildings. If the only problem is some players takeing over the world, it can be controled so that you can only build buildings near the castel, 50 blocks away max, at first, more on higher levels. This will make towns/castles blend in more! EDIT: Also, limit structures, you can have only 1 of each! To force players to chose. Ofc population cap is also needed ( configurable )

    I love the idea for leveling buildings. But I want to keep the subtypes, to force players to chose 1 type. Make up strategys. Levels could make buildings stronger and/or make produceing units faster/resources faster.

    Thats a great resource idea! Couldnt think of a better one!


    I have a lot of work tomorrow, but after that Im free, so i will start with the designing. Will be done in 2-3 days probably. After that I look into java and see where I can help :)
    EDIT2: Maybe 16x16 and sticking to the chunks would be of help? I dont know, just asking :)
    EDIT3: Hight matters when building in a mountain biome, so i wont go too high. Also, started makeing 9x9 designs. Wont do too much today. Its getting late :p

    I came up with a great core idea, each building would have a core which is a specific block with a sign on it! This way there is no need for runes or new block :) Also, building can face the way the sign is faceing.

    Edit: made 4 buildings before sleep :p no subtypes yet! But I have ideas! Tell me how many levels each building should have.

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    Glad my comment jumped a discussion! Can't wait to see this finished.
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    Great, could you post some pictures? Or better yet, post the world file?
    Also, if you can, write out exactly how you want it to go. So, how do they get a castle? Can the castle walls be destroyed? etc. all the way to the end.

    1. The smaller it is the easier, but you dont have to make it really small. Maybe make higher level buildings bigger?
    2. Chunks dont matter, we wont be dealing with them (for awhile)
    3. I think i know how to make all the buildings work versatilely, i will test it sooner or later.
    4. Nice core idea
    5. Can buildings actually be damaged? Or should it be limited to damaging the core?
    6. How many castles can each person have?
    Also, we might want to open a BukkitDev page for this. If you want to, go ahed.
    EDIT: I have to go again soon, so sorry if i missed anything ;)
    Also, could you perhaps design a level one castle? I want to start testing the coding.

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    Sorry for not being here, harvest time and we got lots of work. But before I went to work I made new buildings and added subtypes to the existing ones! They are made in 1.9 pre becouse there are new blocks which look realy great :p

    1. I like the idea of everything being 9x9 it can be smaller, but not bigger. Allready made ~20 buildings ( subtypes included )
    2. Ok nvm then :p
    3. Great :D
    4. Hehe, just came to my mind while building :p
    5. Only the core, it would be easyer for the players and also the codeing.
    6. Only 1! We dont want players to take over the world, only parts of it :D

    Will upload world and/or schematics whatever you need soon. Now I go eat, cos didnt eat anything today...


    guy X joins and wants to make a castle
    he gets the needed resources and places the core ( configurable block default iron block ( it is hard to mine ))
    then places a sign on the core and writes
    then castle appears with the door being theway the sign was on the core
    safe time period begins
    during this time he can build more buildings or traps/walls ect. ( only buildings have cores, walls have to be build the normal way )
    after the safe time is over he can buy units for a configurable resource ( default iron ignot )
    commanding the units he can now set up defenses, placeing guards ect
    after a while
    guy Y joins, and does all the same
    after the safe period he doesnt start defending
    he goes for the offense and makes as many units as he can and goes to guy X's castle
    the battle begins
    guy Y sends in fighters but they die becouse guy X has lots of archers
    seeing this guy Y diggs a hole and sends tunnelers underground
    they dig stright to the nearest core and now guy Y can go in and destroy it, or send a saboteur or suicider
    after guy X loses all cores guy Y wins and gets some reward 2011-09-25_17.19.21.png Thats the castle. 9x9 core is placeholder atm
    Also, I only like the castle and the barracks, other buildings are just made in a hurry... will make better.

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    Why not make the system work a lot like the minecolony client mod, but with troops as well?
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    It will be something like that, I played colony and millenarie too.

    Millenarie was better, but colony had more freedom!
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    How about we just stick to the castle and Barracks for now? In later updates we can add more buildings, but if we try to add them all now i might get a migrane ;)
    EDIT: Also, I think the core should be either obsidian or redstone, because if it is too weak then it will be too easy to destroy a castle. Also, nice castle! I really like the design.
    EDIT2: I like the other buildings, keep at it! I think that we need to just see if we can get Those two buildings working, then expand. Also, im starting to work on the programming, but i need to know what the core will be.
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    Why not have stronger buildings have multiple cores that regenerate after a certain amount of time? (Configurable or something like 10 minutes)
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    It would only matter with the castle, but since castle can only be destroyed if no other building is up, I guess thats strong enough :p

    Yeah sure, we have time :p I know it is a big project.

    Core, well configurable would be best, but if you need me to say something now, then obsidian sounds good.

    Still got lots of work left around the house, so I cant be online all day... I realy hope we finish and then I can focus on this. After I make all buildings I will start skins, which leads to a new question. Will mobs aka units be reskins or new entitys? So I know what to work with. If we only reskin we have only the base mobs + villigares. I guess I can make pigmen into warrior and skeleton into archer ect. but it just sounds lame XD

    EDIT: NVM I do reskins. They can be used ether on new entity or old ones.

    Im done mostly with the buildings, since I didnt have to work :D Well that means I have to work later this week but whatever.
    We realy have to think about resources. You said something about farms, mines, woodcutters. Should I do these buildings? Or will we find another way of resource. Well now this got me thinking... what if woodcutter produces wood, mine produces stone and farms produce food and! we make a market, something simple. We can even use other plugins too if needed to make chest shops. This way they can trade everything for gold, and use gold to buy units and/or buildings ( cores ) ect.

    EDIT: I realy like this idea :D So I start working on these buildings: Woodcutter, Mine, Weath Farm, Pumpkin Farm, Melon Farm, Sugercane Farm, Cactus Farm
    EDIT2: I know adding horses to the game would be another hard thing, so I was thinking about wolf riders. What do you think?
    EDIT3: Almost done, only 4 farms left and then the grand total of 37 buildings are finished :D
    EDIT4: Grand total of 39! Forgot cacti and that new nether corp :p Doh, now I remember we dont have market yet...
    EDIT5: Marketplace done, and I remember a plugin which would do the trick we need to get it work. It was TradeCraft, and we are lucky! it is uptodate :) Now I will make it work.
    It will be something like this:
    You can sell or buy what you can get from the farm/woodcutter/mine for goldingots.
    And you can buy core or units with these ingots.
    What do you think?
    BTW, grand total of 40 buildings! That should be enough for a while :D View attachment 6753 View attachment 6751

    I could add a moshroom farm too, but I think that this is allready too much XD

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    Wow. I can't wait for this to be finished!
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    Nice job, the buildings look great :)
    It is an interesting idea for resources you suppose, i will will look into it. It should in theory be posssible. Also, the units will most likely not be new entities, because that would mean i have to make a client mod as well. When mc 1.9 comes out though, i think it should be easy(er).
    Of course! I was stupid. I will make the core configurable, thanks for pointing that out.
    Finally, i have thought of something that should make this plugin truly great ;) I am going to design the plugin in such a way that people can create their own buildings and units! The plugin will have a folder Buildings and a folder Units, and so people can pick and chose what they want, as well as get new ones from the community. They would be programmed using an API i will build, and will be directly accessed every time someone wants to build the building.
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    Im back and started thinking on skins ( reskins )

    Skeleton = Archer
    Zombiepigmen = Solider
    Testificate = Wizard/Summoner/Priest
    Zombie = Beastmaster
    Humans = Saboteurs, Tunnelers
    Creeper = Suicider

    If we use the existing entities, with a reskin, will zombies burn ect? Or that can be turned off somehow? Becouse if they do I will have to reskin the human and the testificates.

    EDIT: For a strat I guess Solider, Archer and Saboteur would be enough.
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    Just to say, do we per say need to use the Mobs? I dont think i can put armour on anything but humans, so if we dont use them they wont be armored or armed.
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    Good point! Thats what I was asking, but I dont know if they can use a bow. So we might have to use skeleton as archer.
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    I think we should wait for 1.9, it has humans in it by default. It will probably take that long to figure out the buildings ;)

    Also, this is a little bit better a description of what i meant in the buildings earlier:
    The plugin on startup looks in StrategyCraft/Buildings for any building files in there. These files are essentially plugins much like StrategyCraft is a plugin for bukkit, which will be called when a player wants to build a building. This way, server admins can write there own buildings, as well as choose which ones they want to use; They can also modify buildings, such as if they want to redesign the castle.

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    Great idea!
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    Hope this plugin will be made some day!
    So it will have the same gameplay as Age of Empires ?
    Do you float in creative mode above the buildings and units and control them?
    Or you play like a hero in League of Legends, and control minions and buidings?

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