[REQ] Standalone Station and Railway System.

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Would you as a server admin use this plugin if its made?

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    I've seen and used other stations plugins, but they don't meet our servers needs and I've had other admins ask if something like this exist without the need for extra plugins for one use. Especially Minecart Mania since it either causes lag or conflicts with other plugins.

    We're looking for some realism in the game, since we use an RPG plugin. Hence we would like players to get out and transfer to other lines like you would in the real world.

    Requested feature list:

    -Uses signs
    To designate each line, extension, or station.​
    Announce upcoming stations and transfers if available.​
    As a red stone control for switching tracks, default state in case of curved track quarks.​
    Lock in or release players from their minecarts when entering or leaving the platform area.​

    Optional sign to chose destination, must be in cart, and a button underneath to launch cart.​

    The sign must be placed below, next to, or over the track piece. (If possible including the block that the track piece is on.)​

    /ns or /nextstop After an station announcement is made for the upcoming station.​
    /express <Station Name> To bypass all stations until your requested stop without announcements as long as it's on the same line (including extinctions) and direction.​

    /setline <Line Name> Creates a line.​
    /renameline <Line Name/ID> <New Name> Renames the line.​
    /delline <Line Name/ID> Deletes line.​
    /linelist <Page Number> Lists available lines and its ID number.​

    /setextention <Extension Name> <Line Name/ID> Creates an extension.​
    /renameextention <Extension Name/ID> <Line Name/ID> Renames the extension.​
    /delextention <Extension Name/ID> <Line Name/ID>​
    /listextention <Line Name/ID>​

    /setstation <Station Name> Creates a station. Same as line​
    /renamestation <Station Name/Station ID> <New Name>Renames the station​
    /delstation <Station Name/Station ID> Deletes a station.​
    /stationlist <Page Number> Lists available stations and its ID number.​

    Adjustable powered rail momentum change like in the PlgRailBoost plugin.​
    /boost <Momentum>​
    Permissions support.​
    Server Staff only lines or stations. - Optional​
    Economy support. - Optional (We don't use it, but I'm sure others would like it)​

    Signs would be in this format:

    1. [Announce]​
    2. Next Station ID​
    3. Transfers List (Line IDs separated by : )​
    4. ^ (Must add : at the end if you need to add a sign with more lines)​

    1. [More Lines <1-3>]​
    2. Extra Line List​
    3. ^​
    4. ^ (Must add : at the end if you need to add a sign with more lines)​

    -Station Exits
    1. [Station]​
    2. Station ID​
    3. Line ID:Track ID:Extension ID if on extension​
    4. Default powered state for track (0/1)​

    -Minecart Lock
    1. [Cart Lock]​
    2. Lock/Unlock (If Locked checks next line for next station.)​
    3. Next Station ID (Announces Next Stop) - Optional​


    Economy: (True/False) If true check price
    Express Allowed: (True/False)
    Permissions: (True/False) If false OPs only.
    Powered Rail Momentum: (True/False)
    Use Station Exits To Unlock: (True/False) If false you must put a cart lock sign up to release the player.


    <Next Station> 'The next stop is <Station>.'
    <Announce> 'The next stop is <Station>, </br> Transfers to the <Lines>.'
    <Station Exit> 'Welcome to <Station>.'
    <Express> 'This is an Express Cart to <Station>.'
    <Station List> '<Station ID>. <Station>.'
    <Line List> '<Line ID>. <Line>.'
    <Extension List> '<Extension ID>, <Extension Name>.'
    <Wrong Line> 'This line doesn't go to <Station>. </br> Only the <Lines> go to that station.'
    <Wrong Track> 'Please go to the other side of the platform

    <Express> Will ignore the next station on the lock signs and all announcements except for the chosen station.

    <Wrong Line/Track> Only go work if they use the Express command, not the signs.

    Station Name​

    Line Name​
    -1st Extension Name​
    -2nd Extension Name​

    Station IDs are in order of 1st track from beginning to end 2nd track would read them from last to first if possible. As well as if the optional destination signs are used they will only show the station from the next one to the end of the line.

    The system should be simple for anyone to work with using only commands and signs to run the railway. Each line will have 2 tracks (1-2) 1 for each direction. Up to 1000 lines (0-999), 10000 Stations (0-9999), and 2 extensions per line (1/2).

    I understand this is a large project and may take a wile before it's done. So I've tried to give as much information as to fill in all the grey areas. There might even be things that aren't possible right now in Bukkit. If you would like to make this and have more questions I will gladly answer as well as put it in the first post. Even if you need my current plugin list.

    I'm sure others would like something like this to simplify their servers and reduce the number of plugins. If you as a server admin think I've missed something and would like me to add it to this monster sized request and it fits the theme of realism I'll add it.

    Thanks ahead of time.

    [​IMG] Prays for code master
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    Have you even read the OPs post?
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    I guess It was too much for him to read, it's what I get for being informative. Now I've highlighted it so there's no other post like his, hopefully.

    I would have done this myself, but my java skills are not up to par with the developers here.
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    Minecart Mania is Junk!
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    Lets see what @Afforess wants to say about that.
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    That's an excellent way to get people to work against your goals.
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    I wouldn't call it complete junk, since others seem to work well with it, but it is ruff around the edges. Hence the reason why many admins try to stay away depending on their plugins.

    Every time I see your avatar I know your about to blow a gasket when people post something unnecessary.

    I'm not gonna start another feud, in this case a plugin feud, because of an idea I have. People like my ideas, but they always want to start feuds over my work or ideas because they want it for themselves. In this case something that has been needed for a wile. I know there are other plugins that do this in part, but the worst part is people don't speak up so that the developer knows there's problems or give him/her ideas. They just unload it and move on to another plugin. So what happens the plugin dies and never gets updated.

    Bukkit and Minecraft have a long way to go before a final release, but I've put this in the wild to hopefully have this made sometime before everything is final.

    On that note play nice children I'll be back later to check in.
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    I actually did do that -

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    I saw that when it was started.

    To many I may be a leader, but I'm not getting in the middle of things like this because it tends to make communities fall apart. This is why I don't get into the middle here too much, I keep it behind closed doors. I've spend the last 12 years running clans, communities, tournaments, and sites, and it always came down to things like this. To me this community is to big for something like this to happen, and thankfully I'm not know as a leader here. I never wanted the title it was just given to me over the years. I'm a gamer, peace keeper, and a tech at heart, but when I'm given a role of power I do my job and then some only because I can relate to people.

    As for what you did Afforess you have every right. Why because you made a great plugin that some people like me can't use it, but it isn't completely your fault sometimes it's the developers of other plugins. The main thing I hear is about no API, don't quite know if this is true or not stopped coding long ago so I didn't look.

    Only advice I have for you is to stream line your plugin to use only signs and curtain block combinations. What I mean by this is not use blocks to run your scripts. I'm very picky when it comes to the way things look. I think everything that minecraft current has to offer reduces the need most most things. Like instead of just a chest the dispenses a cart how about putting a double or single chest between 2 dispensers or just one on the end that catches and releases a usable cart. Instead of your boosters and breaks use the track pieces and change the way they work and get rid of autocart. I could go on for days about how to make your plugin better, but because of the person I am I wouldn't want you to have to rewrite the plugin since people like it the way it is. In any event I'm here just like the community so don't be afraid to ask for ideas.

    Sorry for the needless babbling I just feel that it needed to be stated.

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    You may have noticed that MM is now on hiatus. I'm devoting all of my development time to BukkitContrib. When I do refocus on MM, in the fall, it will not be recognizable. I am planning on leveraging BukkitContrib to generate custom rails and custom minecarts, all server side, to create a much better minecart experience. I don't want to reveal too much, because there is a way to go, but the changes will be immense.
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    I saw that when it was added hence why I started to babel, happens when you keep tabs on potential future use plugins.

    With that said since you are reworking it anyway could you keep this idea in mind for an add-on, Minecarts are your specialty. :D

    But wile you are working on BukkitContrib, I guess it's time to make myself useful and put my 2 cents in there. Maybe help in a graphical sense, haven't done artwork in a wile, only if you'd like me to. (Wooden Carts and Chains anyone.)
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    I will definitely need graphic/texture help when the time comes.
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    Well I'm here PM me with some basic things you would like and I'll give you what I can.

    And I'm sure with a plugin that big there will be other like me wanting to help out.
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    No problem, I might as well make a few things ahead of time so that when you ask you will have something.
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    Would it be compatible with mcmmo??
    I want to use stations in some other plugins, but they didn't work with mcmmo.
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    I wouldn't mind if it was, it is our RPG plugin of choice.

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