[Req] Someone need to update Naturalgiants.

Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by Jobsti, Dec 5, 2011.

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    I love this plugin,

    but it dosn't work since around 1337.
    Giant's doesn't drop items or attack (except fire-attack) anything and spamming the Console full of errors on Kill (Can't drop...)
    Since ~1550, console errors, that the Plugin can't spawn entity.Giant

    An update would be great.
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    I'll look into this if you want and the author allows it, I'm still learning but this shouldn't be a hard fix :p

    Edit: Nevermind. The author logged in yesterday and the plugin is closed source it seems.

    I strongly suggest you to pm the author. :p
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    I think it was a CraftBukkit problem...
    since #1579 it works perfect.
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    I'm gonna test now
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    I've test it with the lates build (1.0.1-R1). And giants spawns natural! Sometimes a few bugs, but it does its work!
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    Yep incl. drops, yeehaa ;)
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    I have also tried this on the recent build, no fire damage at all, and they are really easy to kill even with 1000 HP, drops work and errors or not present but without the fire aura they are just too easyto kill.. Hopefully someone picks this up, or atleast fixes the fire aspect of it. :D
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    Mindless post, please substantiate your "lol".

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