[REQ] Snowball Turret [$15]

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Does this sound fun for PvP and Faction defending?

  1. Yeah!

  2. Ehhh.... no.

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    Plugin category:
    Fun, Mech, Gen

    Suggested name:

    A bit about me:
    I'm a PvP based Factions and Magic server owner that has some pretty useful ideas, without the means to bring them to the game, so I'll offer money for people to create them for me.

    What I want:
    I'd like to be able to allow players to create turrets, with a specific type of block placement design, that when activated by a lever, fire snowballs rapidly, which are stored in a chest to the side of the turret. The snowballs should have a decent spread because the turret will not turn. They should each deal half a heart of damage. The snowballs should come out of the iron block opposite to the one the lever is on. The image below is the design for the block placement.


    Ideas for commands:

    None needed :D

    Ideas for permissions:
    • snowballturret.use
    Willing to pay up to: $15-20

    When I'd like it by: Whenever is easiest.

    Similar plugin requests: None that I know of.
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    Looks fun, I'll see what I can do.

    EDIT: By the way, I don't need to be paid. I'm not that kind of person.
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    Wow, thanks, a lot of players on my server wanted a better kind of defense system, so I tried to think of something that would be fun, it would be really great if you could make this for me :D
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    You could make it with redstone :)
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    I know, but I wanted something that they could make without all the redstone, or that they could pack up easily, it would just be something unique.
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    I am in the process of making this, I have a few questions though:

    1. Should there be a limit to how many turrets a player can have

    2. Can any other items be placed in the chest, then fired?

    3. What configurable options would you like (So far I have added range, turrets per player)
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    Thanks a ton for trying to make this.

    1. 3, but if you already have it configurable, then 3 should be the default.

    2. Arrows. I also just had an idea, if it's too complicated, then no worries, but otherwise, they can shoot fireballs if they want, but each fireball is 3 coal, and does 3 hearts of damage, with no explosion.

    3. An editable spread would be nice as well.

    Also, it would be nice if they could only have one type of ammunition in the chest at a time, so that it doesn't randomly fire all three types. If any of these things are too hard, don't feel pressed to make them, basic snowballs are alright as well.
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    It may take longer to put these things in, but they are all most definitely posible. If you want I can release an early version of the plugin in a little bit (snowballs, permission-based with a range and custom amounts of turret per person), and I can continue to update the plugin as time progresses. Now that I think of it, I have another basic question:

    Can players fire only their own turrets? Or can they fire anyone's turrets regardless of owner? I can always make a config file if you are unsure, and make a permission for being able to fire each other's turrets.
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    I think they should be able to fire any turret, but a permission to do so would definitely keep it much safer.

    An early version would be great to see, it would help to get a feeling for what would need to be configurable, etc...

    I'm not sure if this would make things simpler, but rather than having an all compatible turret made of iron, there could be an iron turret for snowballs, a gold turret for arrows, and a diamond turret for fireballs, so there wouldn't be any issues with firing multiple ammunition types out of the same turret.

    Once again, thanks for the work.
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    this would be beyond awesome if you could actually aim them. i'm thinking defensive fixtures on the walls of fortresses on factions or towny type servers... using gunpowder ammo to make "explosions" that don't do enviro damage but do entity damage for a certain radius would be cool, too.
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    It's nice you're requesting plugins,but you didn't responde me when i tried to give you your TimeMoney plugin what you're requested before...
  12. @ZephyrSigmar: Same here (did that plugin, too) and also no reply at skype anymore... I just hope he didn't hack the trial feature out... :(
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    I have been using TeamSpeak, sorry about that, the server that I needed it for I have not put up yet, because the database on my other server was corrupted, so I've been working on getting it straight.

    Thanks for your immense trust.

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  14. Sorry but trust decreases if you stop replying to PMs and go offline when I write to you at skype. :/
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    Let me explain this from my point of view for you...

    Someone had already created the plugin for me. I use TS rather than Skype because that's what my server uses. I have very little time for Minecraft compared to before because of school, and so I am trying to make my server as complete as possible in the time I have. When I do go on Bukkit, I usually just go straight to the latest release builds, or to the plugins page. You can call me un-trustworthy, but let's throw out an example. Say I request a plugin, something rather difficult, and offer $40 for it. If 5 developers go out and code it, without asking me in a PM or letting me know, what place does that put me in? They come to me, with a completed plugin, asking for the $40. All 5 of them asking me for $40. There was one person who I confirmed that I would stick with when the Time plugin was being made, the rest simply PMd me with a completed plugin, expecting pay. I saw this after V10lator and ZephyrSigmar went off topic with this post.

    Sorry I don't have enough money to compensate for 5 of the same plugin, from five different people. Next time, please think about the outcome of what you do. I have always fulfilled payment to coders who have let me know they were making the plugin, and that coded what I asked for within reason.
  17. @bikboii: Wow, lies over lies in your post! You did reply to the conversation asking if the plugin works with 1.1 (that was at 12./13. Jan, so long before my post here). After I answered with yes you didn't reply anymore. Also you are using skype, how else could you log off from it after I tried to reach you there? Last but not least I never wrote something like "here's the plugin, give me the money now", I just gave the plugin to you with something like "if still needed, here it is".

    Sorry, but that answers makes you just more and more untrustworthy in my eyes, meaning you are on my personal blacklist now. Won't accept any more requests from you till that is 100% cleared. A start for clearing that: Who's the dev that got the money?
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    I requested the plugin, and this was the first thing you said to me in a PM, without any notification. I assumed you expected pay because I was offering it.

    "No need to wait till sunday: <Edit by Moderator: Redacted mediafire url>
    Please note that this is untested!
    Permissions: ecotime.ignore"
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  19. I expected that you pay if you use it, yes, but I didn't expect payment if you don't use it. And if we start quoting the conversation, here's your reply (the one and only):
    So no question if I want money for it, no statement that somebody other still made it, ...
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    I like cake
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    The Cake Is A Lie
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    gah... not getting this out as soon as I would have hoped. Working cross-table at the moment with 3 or so plugins, I'll push the plugin to github soon so some people can have a look at where I am at atm.
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    I tagged you in the thread what you started,and i was the first over (as i remember) there who said he will accept the job.
    You didn't wrote back anything,so i made the plugin,and pm'd you with it.
    No response.
    I wrote on you at skype about 3-4 times,no response.
    If someone already made the plugin you SHOULD send PMs to the other developers,or tag them in your thread!
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    despite questions to bikboii this still seems like a potentially awesome idea :)
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    Gah, sorry about the late release guys, I'll keep you updated as always. Lots of other work keeps piling up.

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