[REQ] Simplistic in-world teleport portals

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    Greetings all,

    I've seen a number of travel portal/multi-world portal and nether portal plugins. All of them are fantastic in their own ways, but none of them seem to be as simple as I would like. I realize this may be something that cannot be accomplished just yet, but it never hurts to ask, right?

    What I'm looking for:

    • Configurable gateway materials and shape. (Through a file in the plugin directory?)
    • Pre-defined system. (No commands for players to have to use.) In other words, anyone can build the gate, place a sign to target it, ignite with flint & steel, and step through.
    • Ability to designate the gate as private or public through the sign on it.
    Now, don't misunderstand me.. I do know that Wormhole XTreme, TravelPortals, and Stargate exist. However, the piles of commands, and setup of these plugins does not fit what I would like to have available on my server. As I said above, though, I do understand that what I'm asking may not currently be possible. I tried to set up a "Sign Dialing"-only system in Wormhole XTreme, but I could not even get the gate recognized and completed, let alone set up the network and all that. Additionally, I don't want to have to run around and set up every gate in the game world myself.

    If I thought I had the capability required to make this plugin (and a bunch more), I'd give it a shot, but I am more than aware of my own limitations, haha!

    Thanks for any information or help anyone can provide. :)
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    Can you show a screenshot? Perhaps your gates was not build correctly for being recognized.

    By the way, MultiVerse portals work fine with signs as well.
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    I've since removed the plugin and given up on making them work. The main thing is, I want the players to be able to build the gate, ignite it, and use it. I don't want to mess with commands for it, and I don't want the few players to either. I would also prefer that regular travel-use portals be made from something other than obsidian (Lapis blocks, for example).
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    MultiVerse sign portals and "sign dialing" WXT gates don't require any commands.
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    Hmm.. Perhaps I just don't understand the setup instructions, then. I've tried both of those plugins in the past, and neither worked without some sort of "wand" or string of commands to name and target gates, etc. As I've mentioned above, I'm not really knowledgeable at all with these things, beyond the basic plugin settings.

    WXT (as of the last time I spoke with the author) is still stuck using obsidian for the gates. How about Multiverse?
    Also, since you seem to be very well acquainted with both plugins, would you happen to know a link to a detailed setup guide for "sign dialing" style gates? I think (unfortunately) it's pretty clear that I simply must have done something incorrectly.

    The gate design I had put into WXT was as follows:


    ...or if a mock-up would help make it more clear:

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    Ah! That's just a mock up, but that does tell me how it went wrong before. I'd used a button on the left block, and a sign on the right block (I did have them 2 high and 2 wide at the time of experiment). I had also used the gate shape file to alter the placement of the DHD.

    Perhaps I shall try again, then.

    Ah, nevermind. I just found the issue.

    I use a "Servercraft.co" server, and haven't got access to any of the file system, aside from a web-based upload function, and a web editor for files contained within the "Plugins" directory. Anything outside of that is inaccessable for me. So...I suppose I should alter my request a bit. [​IMG]

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    but do MultiVerse sign gates work properly, don't they?
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    That, I am unsure of. The problem with Multiverse is (for me) that I've never seen anything that describes how to set up sign gates, or set up the configuration to use only sign gates, etc. I'm probably going to have to continue my research tomorrow, though. I'm about due for my temporary coma soon, heh
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    To make a sign-driven portal, you need to make an obsidian portal with a sign and wrote two lines on the sign:
    where WorldName is the name of a destination world
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    Alright, I shall give that a go. Thank you :)

    Does it work the same way for targeting other portals in the same world?
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    No, it doesn't, since you can't specify a target portal via the sign.

    Actually, WXT is the only one TP plugin that works without any console commands (as far as I know).
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    That's what I thought. ...which brings me back to the original post requesting a simple in-world portal teleport plugin. :)
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    Well, I just tried to help.
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    I know, and I do appreciate it. :)

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