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Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by Grower, Apr 30, 2011.

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    Hi, at first i think its pretty simple plugin for guys that know anything about that - anyway, i found few plugins on forum that block monters and mob's - okay, i found also a plugin that allow me to spawn mobs and thats what i need. I want to block spawning mobs and have permission to spawn mobs, but i actually cant. When a plugin that disable spawning mobs is enabled, i cant spawn anything, so we need two in one - plugin that disable spawning but enable to spawn using command. I tried all plugins that block mobs from spawning with plugin 'mob spawn' but that doesn't work.

    I know that my english sucks but i hope you will understand : D Thanks anyway, i try to answer all question if someone doesn't understand at all.
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    There aren't any plugins that have option to block mobs and command to spawn mobs in one.
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    Maybe this helps some of you: :p

    "Hi, at first I think it's pretty a simple plugin for developers.
    I found a few plugins on the forum that block mob's.
    I also found a plugin that allows me to spawn mobs and that's what I need.
    I want to block mobs from spawning and have permission to spawn mobs (by command I assume?)
    But I can't. When a plugin that disables mobs from spawning is enabled, I can't spawn anything, so I need a two in one plugin, that stops mobs from spawning but still allows me to spawn them by command."
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    Thanks :) I'm fron Poland so i don't speak english well.

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