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    Hi i have idea for a plugin which will be useful for "sports" in minecraft.

    Sign - checkpoint system

    In this example:
    Player should click in the correct order "START" -> "C1" -> "C2" -> "C3" -> "FINISH".
    If he does it correctly click on "FINISH" should give him a prize (iConimy defined amout, or drop defined items).

    If player miss checkpoint and click "FINISH" he should get the message "You miss checkpoint Cx!" and he should be deleted from competition (he can start from begining after that).
    Alternatively, if player click "START" -> "C1" -> "C3" he should be notified that he missed "C2" and should go back and click it.

    Sign can also measure time.
    When player click "START" checkpoint timer starts, when he click "FINISH" timer is compared with defined time. If a player's time is longer than defined time he don't get the prize.
    It could be also possible that rewards differ depending on the time .

    I hope you can understand what I mean
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    Gravity Retired Staff

    I like this idea, I'll look into it later today when I have some time!
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