[REQ] Setting Time w/ perms | Maybe all Op commands w/ perms

Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by ACStache, Jul 14, 2011.

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    I know this seems like a simple request, but I haven't found anything that works like this and I'd like to not use the Op list as much as possible. I want to use permissions for as much as I can. Can someone make a super simple plugin to change the time using the same format as if a person was an Op?

    /time set [0-24000]

    also make it so that there's an optional parameter to include the world (if multiple worlds) making it

    /time set [0-24000] {worldname}
    but default to the current world the player is in if no world is specified.
    allow for console use as well, requiring specifying a world.

    a perm node could be something like SetTime.change or something simple like that too.
    even if it doesn't ever get published as a release I would love something simple like this. maybe even expand it to all of the Op commands with permissions (save /stop, since that would be bad)

    to be honest I did a quick search (over the course of a few days) and didn't find any plugins that dealt with time in this fashion.

    My reason: I have an extra window that pops up when launching my server (SATools if you're interested) and it gives me admin control without having to type out commands. Unfortunately, whenever I have a plugin that messes with the time, the SATools version of changing the time (which is the default /time set [0-24000] that Ops get) gets messed up and won't work.

    Ultimately: Would love the Op commands as a plugin with permissions for each command. Include all Op commands besides /stop, as the only time I stop my server is from the console (run it off of my computer)

    I personally use Permissions 3.1.6 if it matters
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    I've done a pretty similar Plugin, TimeAndWeatherControl.
    Though you don't set the time in numbers, but have dusk, day, dawn and night available.

    Also supporting permissions and Multi-Worlds ;)
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    hmm... That may work. I'll give it a try (and I'm surprised I didn't find it before...)

    Even if it works how I hope, it'd be cool to see a plugin make the Op Commands work w/o being an Op. That way one could give them out without requiring them to be an Op
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    feildmaster Retired Staff

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    I use CommandBook, but since it was overriding how /time worked, my Server GUI couldn't change time. I've since made a plugin myself, if anyone is interested. It doesn't have it's own thread but here you go anyways :)
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    100% exactly what you want. My work here is done. The only thing it's missing is the /time set [amt] {worldname}, but that can be gotten from other plugins.
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    feildmaster Retired Staff

    And yet again, the TIME was the biggest factor that he wanted. xD
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    True. :p
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    Thanks for the link imjake9, but like feildmaster said, it was /time that was the breaking point :D
    also ended up making my own little /time plugin for it, and it works well.
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    feildmaster Retired Staff

    Good job on the little plugin Stache. ^^
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    Thanks :D hoping someday to make awesome plugins like you guys

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